Skyrim VR Sold More Copies In UK Than Skyrim Switch Edition

According to GFK's UK games charts,  Skyrim VR outsold its Nintendo Switch Edition during this week. A huge role in this, play the sales of Black Friday.

The past week was a successful one for Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim since both its VR and Nintendo Switch editions were released. Both editions seem to create a major selling point for Playstation VR and Nintendo Switch since everyone was waiting to replay the title on a different situation than in front of a screen with a controller or a mouse and a keyboard.

In the UK the Playstation VR edition of Skyrim seems to be getting appraised more than its handheld alternative which shows positive feedback for the virtual reality gaming nowadays. As seen in GFK’s UK games charts,  Skyrim VR was placed 19th as the Switch edition of the game landed in 26th place.

Even though the Nintendo Switch edition is not in its best selling position in the UK, being able to play Skyrim on the go has given the console a small boost and a classic title for owners to buy.

A big part for the outcome of this chart played the sales of Black Friday, with PSVR Black Friday bundle being discounted by £140 off of the price for both the headset and the game, which was a great bargain even if you didn’t intend to grab a VR headset. On the other hand, we didn’t see any major discounts for the game on Nintendo Switch on Black Friday so it’s only natural that its sales didn’t rise as much as expected.

In related news, Skyrim on Nintendo Switch has been compared with its Xbox One X edition. Skyrim seems identical on both consoles which seems almost impossible for a console with the hardware of a handheld.

The PSVR Skyrim VR Bundle comes with the headset, the game, the move controllers as well as the camera. So that is everything that you need in order to get into VR.

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