How To Get Vigil Enforcer Armor In Skyrim

Lucky for you, this guide will teach you the process of acquiring the Vigil Enforcer Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Just like Imperial Armor in Skyrim, Vigil Enforcer armor is another Craftable armor in the game. Unlocking this armor will unlock the complete set and it is not an easy task. Lucky for you, this guide will teach you the process of acquiring the Vigil Enforcer Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Vigil Enforcer Armor location in Skyrim

To find this armor in Skyrim, you must complete a quest called Unholy Vigil. In this quest, you are required to read the Letter to Keeper Carcette. Head to Hall of the Vigilant first. One thing you must keep in mind is that the Hall of the Vigilant gets demolished once you’ve reached level 10.

So, if you want this armor without any fuss, you must pursue this quest a bit early. If this location has been destroyed, you can find the letter under a table in the destroyed building. Once you’ve read this letter, you will discover that most of the members of Vigil of Stendarr have disappeared.

To investigate the sudden disappearance of these members, Azarain, a Vigilant will have started an investigation in Dawnstar regarding this matter. Your next step will be to reach Windpeak Inn near Dawnstar and start following up to the clues that Azarain found.

Azarain was lured to the nearby Windward Ruins by a mysterious note in one of the rooms. The corpse of the Vigil Veteran can be looted, as it will be wearing the new armor set. To discover the existence of a Daedric cult in Dawnstar, you need to read Azarain’s journal.

Quicksilver Mine

Harald, Irine, and Vereth are the three primary suspects in Azarain’s investigation, and they used poisoned Elven daggers for their killings. Eventually, you will find an altar dedicated to Molag Bal located within a hidden chamber in Quicksilver Mine.

You will have to kill Harold, Fenrik, and three other enemies in this temple to complete this quest and collect the complete armor set.

The Vigil Veteran, Vigil Enforcer, Vigil Corrupted, and Vigil Silver Hand armor types can all be obtained during this quest.

There is almost no difference in visual appearance between the Vigil Enforcer and Vigil Veteran sets, except the Enforcer set lacks the Veteran set’s carved steel engravings on the shoulderpads and upper chest. With the Steelsmithing perk, you can also craft each type of armor at a forge after you complete the quest.


Piece Weight Value Rating
Vigil Corrupted Armor 38 625 40
Vigil Enforcer Armor 38 625 40
Vigil Silver Hand Armor 38 625 40
Vigil Veteran Armor 38 625 40

Smithing requirements

You can easily craft Vigil Enforcer armor in the Black Smith’s Forge. You will need the following set of items to forge this armor properly:

  • 4x Steel Ingot
  • 1x Iron Ingot
  • 3x Leather Strips
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