How To Get Vampire Royal Armor In Skyrim

This guide has covered all the details which will help you find and craft the Vampire Royal Armor in Skyrim.

Vampire Royal Armor is a light armor in Skyrim DLC. Despite being light, this armor is very useful in the game. Vampire Royal armor is very easy to find as well. This guide has covered all the details which will help you find and craft the Vampire Royal Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including stats and mods.

Vampire Royal Armor location in Skyrim

It is very easy to locate Vampire Royal Armor in Skyrim. This Armor is found in multiple locations in the game.

You can find Vampire Royal Armor in Castle Volkihar during the Chasing Echoes quest. For this, first head to this castle.  Once you’ve reached the castle, look for a coffin.

When you find a coffin, there will be a shelf near the coffin. You can find the Vampire Royal Armor on this Shelf. During this quest, the armor might disappear from time to time but don’t worry, they respawn quickly as well.

Another way to find the Vampire Royal Armor is during the Kindred Judgment Quest.  After killing Harkon during this quest, you can collect the armor from his body.

Lastly, you can also find this armor in the Bloodchill Cavern. Just head to this location and you can spot the Vampire Royal Armor easily.


You will find different versions of the Vampire Royal Armor, stats of each are mentioned below:

Armor Weight Value
Vampire Armor 5 175
Vampire Armor of Destruction 5 225
Vampire Armor of Peerless Conjuration 5 375
Vampire Gauntlets 1.5 25
Vampire Boots 2 25
Vampire Royal Armor 9 655

Smithing requirements

You can craft this armor like other armor in Skyrim at the forge. You will need the Arcane Blacksmith Perk and leather to craft the Vampire Royal Armor.

Vampire Royal armor mods

A variety of Unenchanted Vampire Royal Armor mods are available for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We’ll be handpicking some of the best ones below.

With the Backport Vampire Royal Armor mod, you can create heavyweight armor using leather materials, ebony ingots, and vampire dust at the forge (Ebony Smithing Perk). There is an open helmet and a fully enclosed helmet included in the set for both men and women (UNP).

We have found another impressive mod that lets you craft a set of lore-friendly heavyweight armor and weapons at the forge for your bloodsucking heroes.

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