Skyrim Black Book The Sallow Regent Quest Guide

Black books are mysterious scriptures of knowledge in Skyrim filled with exquisite and useful knowledge and you need to complete The Sallow Regent quest to obtain the 3rd book.

The players acquire powerful abilities and skills upon reading these books. There are seven black books in total with unknown origin. The player must complete several Black Book quests to acquire and read them in Skyrim.

The following guide highlights the walkthrough and rewards of the Black Book: The Sallow Regent Quest in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

 The Sallow Regent Quest walkthrough

The player will be transported to Apocrypha after reading the black book found in the White Ridge Barrow. This quest involves moving into a dark realm therefore a candlelight spell will be of great help. Use this spell to lighten the path and prevent being damaged by the menacing darkness.

Seekers, lurkers, and Spiders are constantly going to annoy you with their attacks, therefore get rid of them. A ray of light in the darkness marks the right path. In the first room, there is a pod near the small pool.  Move South from here to find a ray of light. Reach the light and then turn West to move down a corridor.

This will lead to a huge room filled with Seekers. Explore the room to get soul gems. Exit the room to get into a dark archway leading to a bridge. Cross the bridge to get up a flight of stairs and reach a walkway. The walkway will lead up to the black book.


The player can get one of the following rewards upon reading the black book and completing the quest:

  • Seeker of Might: The combat skills are 10 % more effective.
  • Seeker of Sorcery: The cost of spells is 10% less.
  • Seeker of Shadows: The stealth skills are 10% more effective.


Sometimes the vision becomes blurry upon completing this quest. The glitch can be fixed by reloading the game. There is an audio glitch as well. The sound of slimy tentacles and rustling pages can be heard after returning to Solstheim.

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