Best Plants To Grow In Greenhouse And Garden In Skyrim

If you own a garden or a greenhouse in Skyrim, you should consider growing these ingredients and plants.

Greenhouses and Gardens are optional additions to your house in Skyrim. After the release of the Hearthfire expansion, players have been able to grow desired food, plants, and ingredients in selected homes in Skyrim. Players are required to build a Greenhouse or a Garden for this process. This is an excellent way to get the desired items without spending much gold, and alternatively, earn gold by selling your green items. Players can build a greenhouse or a garden in any of the 3 homesteads available for purchase in Skyrim. Each homestead requires players to obtain a deed (permission) from the Jarl of the area and complete a prerequisite quest.

Homestead nameLocationPrerequisite quest
Heljarchen HallThe PaleWalking Nightmare, Kill the Giant
Windstad ManorHjaalmarchLaid to Rest
Lakeview ManorFalkreathKill the Bandit Leader

You can choose to buy any of these houses in Skyrim, which will be your first step for gardening in Skyrim.

Greenhouses and Gardens are both used to grow ingredients. Greenhouse gives the openness to plant any growable ingredient whereas gardens are limited to only plants and vegetables. Greenhouses are also ideal for collecting eggs, bees, fungi, butterflies, and moths.

To grow any ingredient or plant in your garden or greenhouse, plant a sample in the fertile soil. There are up to 18 fertile soils where such items can be grown. A garden takes up to 3 days to give out results, whereas a greenhouse takes up to 10 days.

In this short guide, we shall look into the best plants/ ingredients to grow in your greenhouse/garden that will benefit you in alchemy or in terms of gold.

Best Plants to Grow in Skyrim in Greenhouse and Garden

These are some of the best and rare ingredients you can choose to plant in your Greenhouse or Garden in Skyrim:

Creep Cluster

Creep Clusters are roots-like ingredients found in Skyrim. This ingredient can be used to create several potions. It has multiple effects, such as magic resistance, magic restoration, stamina restoration, and increased carry weight. Such effects are utilized in the form of potions. So mix it up with any other benefitting ingredient and create a powerful potion.

Mora Tapinella

More Tapinella are mushroom-like ingredients in Skyrim. These mushrooms are ideal for creating potions that grant effects such as magic restoration and stamina regeneration. There aren’t many areas where this ingredient can be found, and it’s better to plant them at your greenhouse than travel around Skyrim in search of it. This ingredient can also be sold for a decent amount on the market. Price may vary depending on your character’s speech skills.


Wheat is an essential ingredient in Skyrim. One of the two basic ingredients needed to produce healing potions. It has other other properties to fortify health as well. However, wheat has some negative effects, such as halting stamina regeneration and damaging magicka if consumed raw.

Scaly Pholiota

Scaly Pholiota is an ingredient that resembles a mushroom in Skyrim. It is quite hard to find as it is found in small quantities in some areas of Skyrim and takes over 3 days to respawn. This ingredient is essential for creating potions that are useful in warrior builds as its effects include an increase in stamina and an increase in carry weight. It can also be sold for a high price in the market.


Groud is a food that mainly serves the purpose in restoring health. Health is a crucial part of a character in any game and having items that aid in restoring health are always beneficial. You will never go wrong with having a backup supply of items that restore health.

Mods you should try for Greenhouse and Garden in Skyrim

It becomes difficult to utilize greenhouses as they are limited to only 3 places in Skyrim. So, to harvest and use the ingredients planted at these greenhouses, players have to make their way to these designated areas and then come back. An easier way to tackle this issue is to use mods. These mods grant extra greenhouses in more areas of Skyrim. Some mods increase the total soil capacity of your greenhouse.

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