Where To Find Knights Of Nine Armor In Skyrim?

In this guide, players will get all the information they want to know about the Knights of Nine armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Knight of Nine armor in Skyrim is called the Divine Crusader, and it is a Creation Club item. This armor is one of Skyrim’s most sought-after items, mainly due to its role-playing capabilities and clean appearance.

In this guide, we’ll go over the exact location of the Knights of the Nine armor in Skyrim, additionally, we’ll also go over the individual stats of each gear piece and more. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

Knights of Nine Armor Location in Skyrim

Players must go to Four Skulls Lookout to get the Knights of the Nine armor in Skyrim. This hideout is located just east of Markarth. Simply eliminate these bandits, and the armor will be available in their immediate vicinity. There is no quest associated with this armor.

Some Bandits are slightly tougher to take down, and some even have magic spells, so we recommend being at least level 35 to 40 before you embark on this quest.

Knights of Nine Armor stats in Skyrim

The Divine Crusader’s Armor has almost 9 different pieces. Each piece has different levels, unlike other armors, and each level’s stats vary.

Helm of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

Cuirass of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

Gauntlet of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

 Boots of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

Greaves of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

Shield of the Crusader

LevelBase ValueWeightBase ArmorArmor ID

Role-playing as a Divine Crusader

There are a few ways to roleplay as Pelinal Whitestrake, the original owner of the set, if players desire to live somewhat like him:

You must be emotionless and heartless if you wish to be Pelinal Whitestake. It is advised that players create Imperial characters to begin on the Divine Crusader’s path.

Once players acquire the Divine Crusader set, the Imperials receive a +5 bonus for leveling up Heavy Armor, One-handed weapons, and Blocking.

The participants must watch out that they don’t break any laws. Players will not be allowed to wear the Divine Crusader armor if they commit any crime, no matter how minor.

The alternative is to continue to support the empire. Pelinal was a devoted supporter of Alessia, even if he didn’t live long enough to see the expansion of the Empire. She established the Alessian Empire and was the first Empress of Cyrodiil. That someone donning the Divine Crusader armor should continue to serve the Empire is only just.

Knights of Nine Armors mods

Skyrim offers its players multiple mods to fully enjoy all the armor. The following mod allows players to get their favorite Knight of Nine Armors.

Head west of Winterhold, just north of the Tower Stone. You must slay a Knights of the Nine ghost guardian to be approved to use the armor and weapons.

The player can then call upon this guardian using the conjure book discovered in his spectral remains. The note on the ground can then be read to determine where the armors are located.

You will require specific amulets for each piece to create the enchanted armor. Additionally, you’ll require the Steelsmithing perk.

If you accidentally drop your helmet on the ground, don’t worry just go into the console (~) and type :

help “knights of the Nine Helmets”

These will appear as numbers and letters. Next, you have to type :

player.additem xxxxxx 1

As soon as you type it, the helmet will return to your menu.

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