How To Get Skyrim Imperial Armor And Some Good Mods

Read this guide to learn about all the locations you need to visit to find the Imperial Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Imperial Armor is one of the Craftable Armors in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Associated with the Imperial Legion, it is one of the most fragile ones on the list. There are three types of this armor: Imperial Light Armor, Imperial Medium Armor, and Imperial Heavy Armor. A stronger version (best variant) of this armor is also obtainable in the game, the Imperial Dragon Armor.

Sometimes, you will get your hands on the complete Imperial Armor sets, except the Helmet. This helmet also comes in three variations with three different IDs: Imperial Helmet, Imperial Officer’s Helmet, and Closed Imperial Helmet.

This guide covers all the locations where you can find the Imperial Armor in Skyrim and some amazing mods to change how this armor looks in the game.

Different Ways to Get Skyrim Imperial Armor

Following are the Imperial Armor locations in Skyrim and how you can craft it.

Through Crafting

The first way to get Imperial Armor (chest piece) is by utilizing the crafting mechanism. To do so, you must have at least Smithing level 20 and the Steel Smithing perk. Now. go to a blacksmith and ask him to forge the armor for you. This will further cost:

  • 2 × Leather
  • 3 × Leather Strips
  • 4 × Steel Ingot

Apart from crafting, the Imperial Armor is also accessible from different locations. Sometimes, you will get the whole set, while on other occasions, a piece may be missing and should be searched further.


The best way to get the full set of Imperial Armor is to complete the Joining the Legion quest. Go to Solitude and ask Beirand for the armor of your choice. You will be presented with three distinct options; Light, Medium, and Heavy Imperial Armor.

  • Light – Get the light version of Imperial Armor.
  • Medium – Get the Studded Imperial Armor
  • Heavy – Get the standard version of Imperial Armor

Helgen Town

When you are doing Unbound, Skyrim’s first quest, you will face Imperial soldiers while trying to escape the town of Helgen. The first heavy Imperial Armor (complete set) that you are going to get is from the female Imperial Captain. You can easily find her by following Ralof as she is overseeing his execution that day. Once you defeat the Imperial Captain, you will get Imperial Armor with the Officer helmet in Skyrim.


The second location for Imperial Armor is in the Dawnstar. Inside the city, you need to find Horik Halfhand. You can find him inside the White Hall, which will only be possible after you complete all the requirements of the Imperial Legion questline.

Once you have found him, you must defeat him to get the Imperial Armor.


The third location for the Imperial Armor can be found inside the Alftand.

Inside Alftand, you will find Sulla Trebatius who will drop the Imperial Armor after he is defeated. He will not drop the Imperial Helmet. It can be found inside Sulla’s knapsack by going to the torture chamber of the castle. The version obtained by this method is the Imperial Officer’s Helmet.

Imperial Armor Pieces in Forts

There are many imperial soldiers found while doing the quests “Liberation of Skyrim” and “Reunification of Skyrim.”

These soldiers will drop individual pieces of Imperial Armor. You just need to find the dead soldiers lying around near different Forts (Fort Dunstad, Fort Kastav, Fort Greenwall) while doing the quests.


Two Imperial Armor pieces, Imperial Bracers and Boots, can be found at the Haafingar Hold located on the far northwest coast.

Outside Castle Dour, you will find the Haafingar guards. Kill them to get the armor pieces.

New Gnisis Cornerclub

You can also find heavy Imperial Armor (chest piece) and Imperial Helmet in New Gnisis Cornerclub. To find both, go upstairs while in the tavern and look for them on a shelf on the second floor.

Kilkreath Ruins

If you head over to the Kilkreath Ruins, you will find the Closed Helmet variant of the Imperial Armor. It will be dropped by the dead body of an Imperial soldier.

You can also find this variant in the Shrine to Talos and East Empire Company Warehouse.

Skyrim Imperial Dragon Armor

A superior variant of the Imperial armor, known as Imperial Dragon Armor, is introduced in the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. Early in the game, you need to go to Whiterun and visit The Drunken Huntsman. Read the note on the table to get the “Battle of the Champions” quest.

Now, head to Solitude while wearing the (normal) Imperial Armor, as it will let you pose as an Imperial. Go to Castle Dour and find Legate Adventus to have a chat with him. Tell him that you’re ready to fight the Stormcloak champion on their behalf. Get the Imperial Armory key from him and start walking in the new area until a chest comes your way. Open it to get the armor set.


Interestingly, the Imperial Dragon Armor’s base defense value is 144, which is the highest you can achieve from any armor in the game. You can further upgrade it at a workbench using the Steel Ingot.

Imperial Armor Stats

Imperial Armor2535100000136D5
Imperial Boots10820000136D6
Imperial Braces10415000136D4
Imperial Helmet1555000013EDC
Imperial Shield201250000135BA
Regular Imperial armor

Imperial Armor2535100000136D5
Imperial Boots10820000136D6
Imperial Braces10415000136D4
Imperial Helmet185300009610D
Imperial Shield201250000135BA
Closed Helmet Imperial armor

Imperial Armor2535100000136D5
Imperial Boots10820000136D6
Imperial Braces10415000136D4
Imperial Helmet17430000136CF
Imperial Shield201250000135BA
Officer Helmet Imperial armor

Best Imperial Armor Mods You Can Use

Despite being associated with the mighty Imperial Legion in Skyrim, the Imperial Armor (especially the light version) doesn’t look as appealing as it should. Thus, fans have designed some intriguing mods to provide better looks to the armor as a whole. After all, the last thing your killed enemies should remember is a knight with some astonishing outfit.

The first mod in our selection is Perfect Legionnaire – Imperial Armor Reforged 6-0 mod , which involves changing the visual looks of the Imperial Armor. The shield of this version is now square with a style inspired by the Morrowind Legion Shield.

The weapons and the blades have a Roman look, and the helmet now covers the whole face. The armor is now extended to the pants and sleeves. This mod has the overall look of the Legionnaire.

Another effective Skyrim Imperial Armor mod is the Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE. This one extends to the entire Imperial armory, including the Imperial Dragon Armor, Imperial Crossbow, and many other items.

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