Skyrim Hirelings Locations, Finding Mercenaries For Hire Guide

Hirelings are basically mercenaries or friendly allies that will help you fight your battles at different locations for some gold. You can dismiss them anytime you want but if you want to rehire them again, you’ll need to pay 500 gold again. This guide will give you all the Skyrim Hirelings Locations so you can hire these mercenaries.

Skyrim Hirelings Locations, Finding Mercenaries For Hire

Each hireling has its unique style of combat that will level up automatically side by side as you level up. You can choose the hireling that compliments your game style. Furthermore, each mercenary, barring Teldryn Saro, has a ceiling cap of Level 40; for Teldryn Saro, the cap is at Level 60.

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Dismissing a mercenary will send them back to the tavern you originally found them in, unless they are married, request to become stewards, or are drafted into the Blades, in which case they will be sent to a different location. Therefore, make sure you’re aware of this information before dismissing them, as you might have to travel a bit further if any of this applies to them

Location. You can find this follower in Solitude.
Class: Spellsword
Race: Nord
Belrand is a Spellsword class character with following skills and abilities: One-Handed, Light Armor, Destruction, Restoration.

Erik the Slayer
Location. He can be recruited in Whiterun.
Class: Barbarian
Race: Nord
Erik the Slayer is a Barbarian and if you want to recruit him, you need to complete ‘Erik The Slayer’ quest. His Skills and abilities are: Two-Handed, Archery, Light Armor, Block.

Location. Vorstage can be recruited in Markarth.
Class: Warrior 1-H
Race: Nord
Vorstage is a Warrior with following skills and abilities: One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Archery, Block.

Location. Marcurio can be recruited in Riften.
Class: Mage
Race: Imperial
Mercurio is a Mage with following skills and abilities: Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration, Sneak.

Location. Stenvar can be recruited in Windhelm.
Class: Warrior 2-H
Race: Nord
Stenvar is Knight with following skills and abilities: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Archery, Block.

Location. Jenassa can be recruited in Whiterun.
Class: Ranger
Race: Dunmer
Jenassa is an Archer with following skills and abilities: Archery, Light Armor, One-Handed, Block, Sneak.

Teldryn Sero
Location. Can be found either in the Retching Netch or Raven Rock.
Class: Spellsword
Race: Dunmer
Teldryn Saro specializes in One-Handed Combat, sports Light Armor, and is proficient in the Destruction and Conjuration schools of magic

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