How to Get Ebony Plate Armor in Skyrim

In this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide, we will discuss the Ebony Plate Armor in detail and brief players about its uses.

Ebony Armor in Skyrim is one of the heaviest armors in the game. This armor is engraved with silver. The helmet that goes with this armor also includes ornamentation that resembles elven ears.

Due to the significance of this heavy-weight armor, Skyrim has made various items required for players to wear this armor. Only once a player has reached level 32 can they create unenchanted parts Ebony Armor. For, enchanted players need to reach level 33.

This guide will discuss the Ebony Armor in detail as we tell you about its location in Skyrim, its stats. the mods you can equip for it and what its smithing requirements are.

Ebony Armor location In Skyrim

The main piece of this Armor will give you 50 extra health points. The player will have an amazing armor rating of 128 with the full armor gear and a shield. This justifies the effort required to obtain Skyrim’s heavy armor.

First of all, players need to have some iron ingots and some leather strips. Go to the white run in the war maiden and he is going to sell these items to you. Don’t worry if you fail to buy these items from him just fast forward your game to 48 hours and all the items will be restocked.

You either need money or a lot of stuff like gold to buy the items. Once, you have leather strips and iron ingots next step is to go to the blacksmith forge where we are going to level up our smithing.

Players need level 80 smithing to get the ebony armor. At this forge, make iron daggers they will help to increase your smithing level very quickly.

After this, we need to look for ebony ingots which are our main ingredient. The player needs to travel to Windehlm and stop in the southeast of this region.

A lady will try to stop you but just ignore you and enter the region. There will be a room full of ebony ingots but from there you have to steal so better not to. The other way is to go straight on the bridge.

As you will go up you will find many carriages with ebony ores and then our main supply is in the cave. There you will need a pickaxe to far ebony ore.

Once you have ebony ore go back to Whiterun. A smelting machine will convert ebony ore to ebony ingots. Then simply go to Blacksmith forge and there you go. Congratulations you have your complete set of Ebony Armor now.

The Skyrim Creation Club has now added Ebony Plate Armor in the game which is a good alternative to this armor. Only once a player has finished Heart of Crimson can they create Ebony Plate Armor.

Even though this armor has higher ratings across the board, shield variations are the only thing missing. There isn’t a shield version for this gear.


Items Armor Encumbrance Gold Id
Armor 43 38 1500 00013961
Boots 16 7 275 00013960
Gauntlets 16 7 275 00013962
Helmet 21 14 500 00013963
Shield 32 21 500 00013964

Smithing level requirements

You need to be at Smithing Level 80 to upgrade this armor at the workbench. Ebony Ingots may be used to upgrade items at a workbench, and the Ebony Smithing perk doubles the improvement.

Ebony Armor mods

In Skyrim, just to add more fun to the game there are so many different mods in which a player can wear the same armor and enjoy it differently. Following are some of Ebony Armor mods:

Different Ebony Armor mod

The Different Ebony Armor mod allows each gender to have a separate set of armor. The first is a bluish-black, whereas the second is a greyish-black. The helmet in this piece of armor is adjusted to the character’s face and displays the face from below.

The same perk requirement and ingredient as for standard ebony armor can be used to manufacture the armor at the forge.

Simply Excellent Ebony Armor mod

In this mod, The identical perk requirement and ingredient as for standard ebony armor may be used to easily build the armor at the forge.

This is a straightforward mesh and re-texture replacement for the Vanilla Ebony armor using updated elements from CDProjekt Red, Toasty Fresh, and NordwarUA. replaces weaponry for men and women.

Amidianborn Ebony Armor mod

This mod is a hand-made, high-quality texture replacement for ebony armor that has an open-face helmet. If you are looking for a “facelift” for your Ebony armor, this is the perfect mod for you.

Proper HD Female Ebony Armor mod

This mod changes the entire main body plate of the Ebony Armor plate with higher resolution textures. At 4096×4096, it is quite a high resolution, making this a very useful mod.

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