How to Get Dark Seducer Armor in Skyrim

Read this guide to learn about all the locations of Dark Seducer Armor in Skyrim along with the smithing requirements for forging it.

A lot of new quests and Armor got released after the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition came out last year. Dark Seducer and Golden Saint’s armors are some of the best ones that came out with the Skyrim Anniversary edition.

These armors are part of the quest Saint and Seducer which can be unlocked by paying extra money at Creation Club. You can then get Dark Seducer Armor from the Seducer Warriors found inside the quest.

Read this guide to learn about all the locations where you’ll find the Dark Seducer Armor in Skyrim along with the smithing requirements for forging it.

Dark Seducer armor location in Skyrim

In Skyrim, there is a quest named Saints and Seducer. When you are doing the quest, you will find several dark seducer warriors in dark seducer camps. These seducer warriors will drop the Dark Seducer Armor when killed.

The first location for the Dark Seducer Armor XX000873 is in the Yogrim Overlook west of Winterfell. There is a Seducer Camp in this location that will have Seducer Warriors. Kill these warriors to get the Seducer Armor.

Each one of the warriors will drop several pieces of the Seducer Armor. There is also a full set of Seducer Armor in the chest located in the middle of the camp. The Seducer Bandit leader found at the back of the camp will drop Dark Seducer Greatsword.

For the next location, travel to the city of Solitude. Here, you need to head inside the Sewer to complete the Balance of Power. You will then face several Seducer Warriors inside the sewer. Kill them to get the Dark Seducer Armor.

You can also get the Dark Seducer Armor by doing the Helpless Army Quest. In this quest, you must restore order by traveling to the Pinnacle Rock. This can be happened by freeing up the Dylora which was captured by Forces of Order.

Once freed, Dylora will give you Dar Seducer Armor and Dark Seducer Helmet. You can also get the Dark Seducer Armor by entering the console commands. Simply press Tilde key on the console and type XX000873 to get the Dark Seducer Armor


Pieces Armor Rating Gold ID
Dark Seducer Armor 36 5 650 XX000873
Dark Seducer Shield 39 4 250 XX000805
Dark Seducer Boots 35 1 90 XX000874
Dark Seducer Gauntlets 35 1 90 XX000872
Dark Seducer Helmet 48 2 195 XX000871
Dark Seducer Sword 36 11 250 XX000823
Dark Seducer War Axe 39 13 320 XX000829

Smithing requirements

You can craft the Dark Seducer Armor in Blacksmith Forge. For crafting, you will need a perk called Daedric Smithing. Once you have the Smithing requirement, you can take the items below to craft Dark Seducer Armor:

  • Daedra Heart
  • Leather Strips
  • Ebony Ingot

Once you have crafted the Dark Seducer Armor, you can take it to the workbench and upgrade it using the Quick Silver Ingot.

Dark Seducer Armor Mods

The Seductive Male Dark Seducer Armor is a mod that adds a lot of new armor options to be worn by only male players. You have the option to select from the list of armor pieces. Then customize the looks of the player according to your preference.

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