How to Get Chitin Heavy Armor In Skyrim

In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can use use the heavy armor to level up your skill. Once you level up your skill, you will unlock perks such as Juggernaut, Fists of Steel, Well Fitted, and Cushioned.

Chitin Heavy Armor is one of the armors that can be used to unlock any of the perks described above. You can find Chitin Heavy Armor while doing the Dragonborn and Served Cold quest.

Read this guide to learn about all the locations where you can find Chitin Heavy Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim along with the smithing requirement to craft it.

Chitin Heavy armor location in Skyrim

To get the Chitin Heavy Armor XX01CD8A, you have to start the Dragonborn quest. The quest begins on the Island of Solstein. You must travel to the island by taking a ship of captain Gjalund Salt Sage from the Windhel Stables.

The ship will dock in the town of Raven Rock where you must find the Glover Mallory. He is a blacksmith that will sell you the complete Chitin Heavy Armor from his shop.

You can also find Chitin Heavy Armor from the Reavers that are found all over Solstein island. Simply spot the Reaver and kill him to collect the Chitin Heavy Armor. Reavers are like simple warriors that are very easy to kill.

Another way to get the Chitin Heavy Armor is by doing the Served Cold quest. You will be the Dragonborn in this quest that was tasked to stop the assassination of Lleril Morvayn.

Upon further investigation, you will find out that Vendil Severin and his followers are planning the assassination. This is the same assassination that you are trying to stop. You must then kill the Vendil Severin at the end of the quest.

After killing Vendil Severin in Served Cold quest, his body will drop the Chitin Heavy Armor. You can then collect the full armor except for Chitin’s Helmet from his body.

You can also find Chitin Heavy Armor from the random chests while doing the Dragonborn and Served Cold quest.

Chitin Heavy Armor Stats

Pieces Armor Rating Gold ID
Chitin Heavy Armor 43 35 650 XX01CD8A
Chitin Armor 43 4 240 XX01CD87
Chitin Braces 12 2 50 XX01CD88
Chitin Heavy Helmet 21 5 135 XX01CD8C
Chitin Helmet 19 1 125 XX01CD89
Chitin Heavy Gauntlets 15 5 135 XX01CD8B
Chitin Heavy Boots 15 6 135 XX01CD82
Chitin Boots 12 1 50 XX01CD86
Chitin Shield 29 8 215 XX026235

Smithing Requirement

In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can craft the Chitin Heavy Armor in Blacksmith forge. You will need a Smithing level of 30 along with the Elven Smithing as a perk. When you have all the smithing requirements, you can use the following items to craft Chitin Heavy Armor:

  • Netch Leather
  • Corundum Ingot
  • Chitin Plate

After you have crafted the Chitin Heavy Armor, you can upgrade the level in a workbench with the help of Elvin Smithin Perk.

Chitin Heavy Armor mods

The Remiros Chitin Amor HD mod adds new looks and textures to the Chitin Heavy Armor collected from Reavers. The modded version of Chitin Heavy Armor also supports resolutions of up to 4K.

Heavy Chitin Armor V1.5 mod adds a beefier look to the Chitin Heavy Armor by adding more Chitin Plates. Not only the looks but also the stats of the armor are also improved. It is now stronger than the Dwemer.

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