Best Kids in Skyrim You Should Consider Adopting

These are the best children in Skyrim that you should consider adopting.

In Skyrim, players can adopt children and become a parent in the game. Only way to have kids in Skyrim is through adoption, you can’t have kids through natural means. While there are several kids you can adopt, the players can have only 2 at a time. Some might consider it unfair, but keep in mind, this is just a game.

There are many benefits to having children around you. If you live and sleep in the same house as the kid lives in, you will be granted increased healing capabilities and increase the effectiveness of your healing potions. This buff is named Father’s Love or Mother’s Love. The kid also has some activities of their own. They can do chores, give and receive gifts, and keep pets. They can also ask you for an allowance. Giving them gifts and allowance grants players a Gift of Charity bonus.

How Adoption Works in Skyrim

You will need to have the Hearthfire patch installed for Skyrim if you wish to adopt children. Keep in mind that the limit of adoption is only 2. You will need a child’s room with a bed and dresser in your purchased homes for the kid to live in. Without a room or an extra bed, the adoption process is not possible. You do not have to be married to anyone to adopt.

To be able to adopt a child, players must first complete the Innocence Lost (a Dark Brotherhood quest). In the quest, the player has to show that all the eligibility requirements to adopt a child are met. Only then does the player get permission to adopt a kid. Players are then given a list of orphanages where they can go and meet up with the child they desire to adopt. 

Best Kids You Should Consider Adopting in Skyrim

Since there are too many options to choose from when it comes to adopting Kids in Skyrim, we have compiled this list for you so you can choose the best 2 for you.

10. Francois Beaufort

Francois Beaufort

Francois Beaufort is half Imperial and half Breton. His parents left him at the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften and told him that they would return to get him. A year has passed and he is still there. He is a kind soul who wishes for the other kids to be adopted rather than himself, believing his parents will soon come. He has a Restoration skill boost.

9. Samuel

samuel skryim

Another kid amongst the children living in Honorhall Orphanage, Samuel, has lived his entire life there. His mother was a worker there until she died when Samuel was born. He can be seen leading the kids of the orphanage as if he is their leader. Samuel has never met his parents but hopes that one day they will come back for him. He even mentions that he sneaks out and works to earn some money.

8. Hroar

Hroar skyrim

Hroar is a Nord orphan living in Honorhall Orphanage. He is the strong kid in the orphanage. His mother named him after the roar of a Lion. He does not share much about his backstory. Along with the other children at the Orphanage, he is also afraid of the headmistress, Grelod the Kind, and hopes that she dies. When players kill Grelod, Hroar and the other orphans, show joy and delight that she is gone.

7. Runa Fair-Shield

runa fair shield

The only female orphan in the Honorhall Orphanage, Runa Fair-Shield is a sweet-spirited girl. She is a Nord and determined to do anything she is told. She has to do most of the chores around the orphanage and gets picked on by the other children. Nothing much is shared about her past. She will beg you to adopt her and very fairly, it is understandable as to why she would.

6. Blaise


Blaise is a kid living and working in Solitude at Katla’s Farm. He is a Breton child and his job mainly includes taking care of the garden and the animals. He has to work on a minimal wage to make it through the day. His parents were killed in an ambush. His living conditions aren’t that good either, being forced to sleep outside with the animals. All these reasons surely pull the strings of players to allow such a soul to have some comfort.

5. Lucia

lucia skyrim

Lucia is an Imperial child who has no one to go to. She has no place to live and no one to feed her. She is a beggar on the streets of the Wind District of Whiterun and was forced to live such a life after her aunt and uncle took over her family’s farm. She can seen sitting on benches if not wandering around the temple. No child should ever go through such hardship to survive.

4. Alesan

alesan skyrim

Born a Reguard, Alesan is an orphan in Dawnstar who makes ends meet by running around town and delivering food to the miners. His wage is very low, but he is compensated by being allowed to sleep in a shelter and near a fireplace. It is reassuring to know that the kid can sleep near warmth in such a cold place but having to run all day for minimal wage at such an age is not an ideal lifestyle. He has more stamina than all the adoptable children, so he may be considered the best boy to adopt.

3. Sophie

sophie skyrim

Sophie can be found around the streets of Windhelm. She is a Nord and sells flowers for a living. Her mother died due to unknown reasons, and her father was a Stormcloak soldier who didn’t come back and left her all alone in this tragic world of Skyrim. The other children may have a roof over their heads, but Sophie does not have such luck. She sleeps in the cold streets of Windhelm or near a barrel near Niranye’s house and has to survive based on how many flowers she can sell. Her dialogues melt players’ hearts and make them want to adopt her in an instant. She is the best girl to adopt as she deserves it more than any other.

2. Sissel

sissel skyrim

One of the only twins in Skyrim, Sissel is a Nord child. She has a twin sister named Britte. Both sisters can be found in Rorikstead. Sissel is the daughter of Lemkil. 5 minutes younger than her sister; the two do not receive any love from their father. Sissel believes her sister is not good enough to be her sister and occasionally beats her up. What is different about Sissel is that she is learning magic from Jouane Manette so that she can defend herself from her father and sister.

When you come to Rorikstead, she is not adoptable as her father still lives. To be able to adopt Sissel, players will have to kill her father and then approach her to find the dialogue to adopt.

1. Britte

britte skyrim

The older sister to Sissel, Britte is also a Nord child. She lives wither her sister and father in Rorikstead. The family is very disoriented as the father believes it is his daughter’s fault that their mother is dead and similarly both these sisters cannot stand the look of each other. Britte is also in the process of learning magic from Jouane Manette. To be able to adopt her, you will need to eliminate the father first so that the dialogue of adoption can come up.

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