How To Level Up Alteration Fast In Skyrim

You can reach level 100 Telekinesis in Skyrim in minutes.

Alteration Skill in Skryim is among the 5 schools of magic and falls under the mage class. This skill targets the magic spells that alter the things around you. Magic of manipulation and altering reality can be enhanced by leveling up this skill. Other bonuses, such as the low cost of Magicka to cast Alteration spells, also fall in this category. So if you are playing as a mage, leveling up Alteration can be a good idea especially when you are looking for utility and defense.

In this guide, we will look into the different ways you can reach level 100 of Alteration quickly in Skyrim.

Telekinesis Glitch to Level Alteration in Skyrim

This is an easy glitch in Skyrim that has not been fixed and can be used to instantly level up your Alteration skill to level 100. You require a spell of telekinesis which is a little time-consuming to get but after acquiring the spell, it becomes a piece of cake.

Firstly, head over to the Redwater Den in The Rift to get the Telekinesis spell.

telekinesis glitch skyrim to level alteration

Make your way into the den, all the way to the dealer. She will offer a sample of ‘Redwater Skooma.’ Walk a little far from the dealer and drink the sample. After a few seconds, your character’s vision will start to fade, and will eventually be unconscious.

When you wake up, you will be in a jail cell, trapped by the dealer. Before you lockpick your way out of the cell, look to your right, and you will notice a body. Beside the body is the spell tomb of telekinesis. Pick it up, lockpick the cell, and escape the den. Once you are out of the den, you will have to find any small item that can be picked up.

For good measurement, drink a fortify alteration potion or equip any fortify alteration item. Now read the spell tomb to learn the spell. Equip the spell in both hands. Pick up the item with the spell of telekinesis while making sure that you are using both hands to cast the spell.

telekinesis glitch to level skyrim

As soon as the item starts to levitate, keep holding the attack buttons and open the map. Now select fast travel for the farthest place you can go to and travel to it. When you reach the place, you will notice that your character is keeping the spell active the whole way and lets go as soon as you reach the area. Now check your Alteration skill, and you will notice that your skill level has increased tremendously. If you are still low on some levels, repeat the process.

And if you are wondering whether this telekinesis method to level Alteration skill was patched or not, it wasn’t. Just make sure you use enchantment to reduce the cast of alteration spells on your equipment. You can also use Secret of Arcana to reduce the magicka cost for 30 seconds.

Methods to Level Alteration in Skyrim without Telekinesis

There are other ways that you can adopt to level up Alteration Skill faster as well. These methods include Trainers and Skill books.

Trainers in Skyrim help to level up a particular skill. Each skill has trainers in Skyrim. Each trainer can help you level up to a certain skill level, depending on their rank. Adept (Level 50), Expert (Level 75). Master (Level 100). Players can reach a +5 skill level with trainers for every +1 character level. Trainers will train you for a sum of gold for each level, and the price increases after you reach level 50 of the skill. Trainers for Alteration Skill are:

  • Dravynea the Storieweaver (Expert, Kynesgrove(South of Windhelm))
  • Tolfdir (Master, COllege of Winterhold)

There are Skill Books for every skill in Skyrim. These books have a collective level of +5 to the skill. There are 5 books of each skill in Skyrim with multiple copies. Reading one copy of a book will nullify the effects of other copies of that book. Skill books for Alteration Skill are:

  • Sithis (Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary)
  • Reality & Other Falsehoods (Snow-Shod Farm (The Rift))
  • The Lunar Lorken (Solitude Lighthouse)
  • Daughter of the Niben (Understone Keep (Markarth))
  • Breathing Water (Kraldar’s House (Winterhold))

Another method of training your Alteration skill is to walk into shallow waters and use the Waterbreathing spell. You will not be required to swim and keep gaining XP for just standing in the water.

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