How Does Skyrim Alchemy Purity Work?

If you want to know how Alchemy Purity works in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you’ve arrived at the right guide.

Alchemy is a sacred art of crafting poisons and magical potions that have been a part of The Elder Scroll franchise for ages. One cannot neglect the importance of this feature during the battle combats in some Medieval or fantasy action role-playing games.

Skyrim allows players to craft potions from various kinds of plants/minerals using alchemy. There are several perks in Alchemy, each of which serves to give different benefits. One of which is the Purity Perk. If you want to know how Alchemy Purity works in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim then you’ve arrived at the right guide.

What does the Purity Perk do in Skyrim?

Purity is a vital perk in gameplay if you keep an interest in crafting potions and poisons. Purity stands out among all the other Perks in terms of uniqueness because of the benefits it renders for the players’ potion recipes.

This perk eradicates all the positive impacts from the lethal poisons you’ve created so that you can inflict maximum damage to your foes and all the negative impacts from the useful potions you’ve created so that they can lend maximum benefits.

Purity Perk is a must if one wishes to create the finest Potions. Note Purity Perk can only apply to poisons and potions you’ve crafted at your alchemy table.

How to get Purity?

In Skyrim, to get Purity Perk in your Alchemy skill set you will have to achieve minimum skill points of 100 in Alchemy and the Snakeblood Perk. Both of these can be achieved by making lots of potions, plus having a lot of patience.

Is it worth having the Purity Perk?

One question is often debatable among the game players is this worth this much patience to get this perk? There are polarized opinions about it.

Well, the answer to it is simple. It isn’t mandatory to take this perk unless you’re making your character build based upon the art of Alchemy.

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