10 Best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

The Sims 4 legacy challenges here mean a set of self-imposed rules and objectives that carry across multiple Sim generations.

There are several community-created challenges that you can take on to enhance your Sims 4 gameplay experience, one of which is the Legacy Challenges. These are a set of self-imposed rules and objectives that carry across multiple Sim generations.

For example, you can take on the Not So Berry legacy challenge, where you have to raise 10 Sim generations where each generation needs to be of a single color alongside adhering to particular traits and careers.

As evident, these Sims 4 legacy challenges will take a lot of time. If you are patient, read on to know some of the best legacy challenges to try in The Sims 4.

10. Rags to Riches challenge

The rags to riches challenge is a popular but difficult challenge in which you have to rise to wealth with nothing in your possession and no value to your name.

The main aim of this challenge is to build a house, start a family, and find a job. There are some mandatory rules too that you have to complete to move forward to the main goals.

9. Not So Berry challenge

Not So Berry Challenge is a simple challenge in which each generation has a color associated to it and this color gives the merits and demerits of that generation. The challenge consists of advancing berry Sims through 10 generations.

Each generation has a specific color to them. Each generation has rules and goals that you must complete to move on to the next generation.

8. The 100 Baby challenge

The 100-baby challenge is a fun, popular, but difficult challenge for the amateur starting Sims 4 for the first time. The main aim is to have 100 babies in the least number of generations.

It can be done in as little as one generation. But the lower the number of generations, the more complex the challenge becomes.

7. The Decades challenge

This challenge simulates the timeline and the lives of those living in these timelines. The main goal of this challenge is to live from the 1890s to the 2010s in a historically accurate way.

Every decade will mark a change in the goals and rules of the challenge according to real-life events. Though, this challenge assumes that Vampires, Mermaids etc are not included in the challenge

6. Seven Deadly Sins challenge

The Seven Deadly Sins challenge has you playing your Sims with the worst traits in every generation. This challenge goes on for seven generations, as the name suggests.

The traits start with Sloth, then Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Greed. This challenge gives you great difficulty as you move on the generations. Bad children, parents, and everyone near you.

5. Sour Legacy Challenge

The Sour Legacy Challenge is another of the best legacy challenges so far in Sims 4. You get to play up to 10 generations and Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour inspires it. Each generation carries the name of one of the songs. The first generation begins as a high school drop-out who aspires to be a pop star, and as the generation passes by, different wonderful personalities and amazing backstories unfold.

4. Barbie Legacy challenge

Another challenge is the Barbie Legacy challenge, where you get to play up to 14 generations, and this challenge appears to be admired by females as it promotes the values of feminism. It includes generations of Barbie, and you can have a lot of exciting activities to do in this challenge.

3. Tiny living challenge

The Tiny Living Challenge consists of making a house and living in it, but the house size should be equal to or less than 5×5, which cannot be expanded.

In this challenge, you cannot have porches or another story. Every room, such as the bedroom, kitchen, etc, should have its own furniture, e.g., a bedroom bed and a kitchen fridge.

You can have a wife/husband in the house, with the number of children up to you. This challenge goes on till the third-generation child becomes an adult.

2. Vampire challenge

In the Vampire Legacy Challenge, you have to grow your Vampire family in the course of 5 generations. You also have to convert as many people as possible. In this challenge you can either follow the route of the vampire traditions and bloodlines or you can go for peace and harmony with all your neighbors.

1. Greek Goddess/God Legacy Challenge

Now, for Greek Mythology fans, this challenge can be super interesting. In this challenge, you will have to play through the 10 generations, and each generation will either have a God or a Goddess from greek mythology. You will have to play by the set of given rules. Your Sims life will move around the rules of these Greek deities.

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