Shuhei Yoshida: Console Market Has Been Revitalized By The Nintendo Switch

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony has said that the Nintendo Switch has revitalized the console market, as more types of games for wider audiences are coming out.

The Nintendo Switch has apparently revitalized the console market, according to Sony president Shuhei Yoshida, in an interview that he gave with the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Yoshida says that the Switch’s success galvanizes new properties for consoles, rather than just sequels for pre-established video games, and on multiple consoles than the Switch.

Considering that a large amount of the higher-profile games that often come out are sequels or parts of other franchises rather than anything that can really be called original, the high amount of indies and third-party games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch since the console was released in the beginning of March have apparently been a boon not just for it, but gaming as a whole.

Various completely new IPs coming alongside the various sequels that often make up a year’s game lists have made it so that video gaming can reach a much wider audience, especially considering the various games out for the Nintendo Switch.

Along with Nintendo franchises being continued with games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, various other Switch games like Snipperclips, 1-2-Switch, Just Dance, and more are all helping the Switch to attract a wide variety of audiences.

With all of the success that the Nintendo Switch is getting with its wider variety of games, Shuhei Yoshida also went into detail on how well Sony’s been doing this year, with games like Gran Turismo Sport, Everybody’s Golf, Knack 2, and The Last Guardian all releasing for a variety of audiences across a variety of genres.

With luck this trend will continue a good ways into the future, allowing consoles to reach out into wider audiences not just for those that enjoy shooters and RPGs but also those people that enjoy party games and other titles like them.

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