Shovel Knight Confirmed for Wii U and DS Physical Release

After it was leaked that Shovel Knight was to get a physical release, Yacht Club Games have finally confirmed it as true.

Shovel Knight has been available digitally and has gained many fans, but with an apparent Best Buy Leak it looked like the game would be making its physical debut on the Wii U and 3DS sometime this year. It looks like this leak had some truth to it, and has been confirmed by Yacht Club Games.

Coming to North American retailers October 13 with Europe getting it October 16 the price looks to be set at $19.99.

More interesting is what the retail version will include:

  • The physical version will include everything that has been release so far. This includes Plague of Shadows and a fully-featured Challenge mode with 50 levels to explore.
  • Each boxed version of the game will come include the future updates for free as they are made available, these include:
    • Specter Knight’s Campaign – Full campaign starring the scythe spinner.
    • King Knight’s Campaign – described as “a crazy campaign with the gilded goob himself”
    • Battle mode – Duel with up to four players.
    • Body Swap Mode – The ability to swap the Shovel Knight’s body, including the ability to make them male or female.
    • Instruction booklet similar to the one included as a Kickstarter reward.

The release will be published by the Yacht Club Games who are partnering with distributor U&I Entertainment who will deal with getting the games to stores.

As most of the fans of the game will already have bought the game will they want to pay extra money for a physical copy? I’m sure that some will, if anything as a thank you to Yacht Club Games who have created a true indie game success.

What are your thoughts on Shovel Knight moving to a physical release? Let us know your thoughts below.

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