Shin Megami Tensei IV Demon Fusions and Transformations Guide

In Shin Megami Tensei 4, you are able to transform demons into an entirely new demon without using the Demon Fusion. All you need to do is reach a certain level and they will automatically be transformed into new demon. However, you will be notified earlier on that.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Demon Fusions

Note that, once you transform; you will lose all your progress for the current demon and will have to level up the demon you just transformed from scratch.

We have tried to compile all the data regarding Demon Transformation and you will find comprehensive details related to their transformation. So let’s get right into it!

Heqet into Dzelarhons

Heqet can transform into Dzelarhons when reached level 11.

Heqet is a goddess of Egyptian lore that rules water and fertility. In order to get Heqet, you will have to fuse either Centaur + Gryphon or Lham Dearg + Gryphon.

Heqet has the following skills at its disposal:

  • Healing Knowhow
  • Zio
  • Posumudi

Dzelarhons is a frog princess of North America Haida lore and is also known as Volcano Woman. They have the following skills:

  • Agilao
  • Hard Worker
  • Mana Bonus

Dzelarhons can also be created by the fusion of Melchom + Leanan Sidhe. However, in order to get Leanan Sidhe you will have to fuse Pele + Melchom.

And Pele can be obtained by fusing either Napaea + Lham Dearg or Mokoi + Gryphon.

Gremlin into Raiju

Gremlin can transform into Raiju at level 14.

Gremlins are pixilated fairies who like to cause mayhem with machines and tools.

Gremlin has the following skills at its disposal:

  • Mabufu
  • Dream Fist
  • Sukukaja

Raiju; according to Japanese lore has come down to earth on a bolt of lightning.

Raiju has the following two skills:

  • Shock
  • Endure

It can also be created by the fusion of either Kabuso + Naga or Katakirauwa + Kabuso. Whereas, Naga can be created by fusing Chagrin + Gryphon.

Poltergeist into Quicksilver

Poltergeist can be transformed into Quicksilver at level 17.

Poltergeist is a cheater who according to legend haunts houses.

Poltergeist has the following set of skills:

  • Healing Knowhow
  • Needle Shot
  • Sukunda

It can also be obtained by fusing Myrmecolion + Jueyuan. Whereas, Jueyuan can be created by fusing Camazotz + Dybbuk.

Quicksilver are female that like to cause destruction and play pranks on others.

Quicksilver has the following skills:

  • Mazio
  • Panic Caster

Jack Frost into Wendigo

At level 20, Jack Frost can be turned into Wendigo.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost is a ghost that comes in full form during winters but melts down during summers.

Jack Frost has the following skills:

  • Bufula
  • Hama
  • Ice Pleroma

It can also be created by fusing either Aeros + Spriggan or Sandman + Hua Po. And in order to get Aeros, you will have to fuse Wicker Man + Poltergeist.

Wendigos are snowmen from Canada and are told to have very long heights. They can usually go upto five meters.

Wendigos have the following skills:

  • Mabufu
  • Poison Breath

They can be created by fusing either Strix + Azumi or Quicksilver + Azumi. In order to get Strix, you will have to fuse Jack Frost + Oni. However, Oni can be produced by Pele + Leanan Sidhe. As for Azumi, you will have to fuse Leanan Sidhe + Hua Po.

Koppa Tengu into Karasu Tengu

Koppa Tengu can be transformed into Karasu Tengu at level 22.

Koppa Tengu
Koppa Tengu is a different type of Tengu and has the following skills:

  • Zanma
  • Sukukaja
  • Bad Company

It can also be obtained by fusing Jack Frost + Katakirauwa.

Karasu Tengu
Karasu Tengu has a number of skills at its disposal like:

  • Gram Slice
  • Sukukaja
  • Rapid Needle
  • Mahama

It can also be created by the fusion of Archangel + Quicksilver.

Ubu into Tsuchigumo

Ubu can be transformed into Tsuchigumo at level 26.

Ubu is a spider like monster that is said to roam on the Sado Island.

It has the following skills:

  • Toxic Sting
  • Tetanus Cut
  • Stun Needle

By fusing the Jueyuan + Sandman, it can be created.

Tsuchigumo has the following skills:

  • Poison Claw
  • Zionga
  • Me Patra

It can also be created by fusing Principality + Mandrake. In order to get Mandrake, you will have to fuse either Jack Frost + Toubyou or Quicksilver + Toubyou.

The Toubyou, however, can be created by either Jueyuan + Gremlin or Jueyuan + Wicker Man.

Shikome into Yomotsu Ikusa

At level 31, Shikome can transform into Yomotsu Ikusa.

According to Japanese lore, Shikomes are the gods of the land of dead.

They have the following skills at their disposal:

  • Stun Needles
  • Tarunda
  • Gun Pleroma

They can be created by fusing Jack Frost + Azumi.

Yomotsu Ikusa
Yomotsu Ikusa are told to be those demons that serve in the army of gods of Yomi.

They have the following skills:

  • Rapid Needle
  • Fang Breaker
  • Tathlum Shot

They can also be produced by fusing Power + Nekomata. But to get Power, you will have to fuse Senri + Tsuchigumo.

Incubus into Succubus

Incubus can transform into Succubus at level 37.

Incubus is the male counterpart of Succubus and rapes women thus pranging them and haunting them.It has the following set of skills:

  • Zanma
  • Dream Needle
  • Force Pleroma

Incubus can also be created by the fusion of the following demons:

  • Kabuso + Shikome
  • Inugami + Shikome
  • Orias + Momunofu
  • Karasu Tengu + Night Stalker
  • Karasu Tengu + Tattooed Man

Kelpie into Valkyrie

Kelpie transforms into Valkyrie at level 42.

Kelpie is a fairy of Celtic folklore that is told to live by water and looks like a horse and drowns anyone who sits on it. It has the following skills at its disposal:

  • Diarama
  • Tarunda

Kelpie can also be produced by fusion of Dis + Kikuri-Hime. You can create Kikuri-Hime by fusing Principality + Shikome. As for Dis, it can be created in a number of ways:
Phoenix + Tsuchigumo
Principality + Macabre

Valkyrie is originated from Norse mythology and told to be hosts of female figures who decide to die in battle. It has the following skills:

  • Tetrakarn
  • Javelin Rain
  • Mortal Jihad
  • Blood Ritual

Kaiwan into Decarabia

Kaiwan can be transformed into Decarabia at level 44.

Kaiwan is a god, according to Assyrian mythology. Usually affiliated with another god, Sakkut –Kaiwan is often associated with planet Saturn.

The skills Kaiwan possesses are:

  • Megido
  • Sukukaja

It can also be created by the fusion of Inferno + Kikuri-Hime. However, to create Inferno, you will need to fuse Senri + Mou-Ryo.

As listed in Goetia, Decarabia is a ghost that can take the form of Pentagram Star or a man depending upon the need of the conjure man. He is told to know the benefits and properties of many stones and herbs. The abilities of this demon are:

  • Sukukaja
  • Megido
  • Sabbatma
  • Tetrakarn
  • Healing Knowhow
  • Attack Knowhow

Kuebiko into Ukano Mitama

Kuebiko can transform into Ukano Mitama at level 49.

Kuebiko is the Japanese god of wisdom, agriculture and rice fields. He has the following skills at his disposal:

  • Wind Breath
  • Light Life Aid
  • War Cry

And can also be created by fusing Yomotsu Ikusa + Virtue.

Ukano Mitama
Ukano Mitama are also known as the gods in Japanese mythology and are mostly associated with agriculture. They have the following skills:

  • Mediarama
  • Healing Knowhow
  • High Heal Pleroma

Airavata into Girimehkala

At level 53, Airavata can transform into Girimehkala.

Airavata is a colossus elephant that is told to be born with four trunks and has white skin like snow. It has the following abilities at its disposal:

  • Trafuri
  • Chakra Walk

It can also be created by fusing Dis + Nekomata.

Girimehkala is also a giant elephant in Sri-Lankan mythology whosekey feature is its large eye whichis told to be cursed with bad luck. Anyone looking directly into its eye will become severely ill and can’t be cured.

Wild Hunt into Abaddon

At level 58, Wild Hunt can turn into Abaddon.

Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt is a ghostly horde of hunters that roams the skies with accouterments of hunting such as horses, hounds and other weapons. Wild Hunt has the following skills:

  • Blast Arrow
  • Dream Fist
  • Mana Surge

Abaddon; in many religions is considered to be associated with Satan. Some even say that Abaddon is another name of Satan.

The abilities Abaddon possesses are:

  • Hades Blast
  • Retaliate
  • Repel Ice

Tao Tie in Taown

Tao Tie transforms in Taown at level 62.

Tao Tie
According to legend, Tao Tie is a Chinese monster that have very unsatisfying hunger and it is cursed due to that. He has the following skills:

  • Spirit Drain
  • Purple Smoke
  • Null Nerve

Taown is said to be Chinese monster who is blessed with the study of Divination and can tell the past and future. It is said that it appears with a,“human face, tiger’s and pig’s feet and a very long tail.”

Angel into Archangel

Angel can be turned into Archangel at level 12.

Angels are heavenly creatures and are very close to humans. It is their duty to warn humans from deviating from the right path.

Angels have the following skills:

  • Dia
  • Patra
  • Rakukaja

Angels can also be created in a number of demon fusions. For example:

  • Centaur + Fuxi
  • Centaur + Napaea
  • Centaur + Mokoi
  • Napaea + Mokoi

Archangels are the warriors of Heaven and lead the battles of Heaven.

They have the following skills:

  • Hama
  • Heat Wave
  • Tarukaja
  • Estoma Sword

Just like Angels, Archangels can be created by a number of Demon Fusions, like:

  • Hamsa + Tangata Manu
  • Apsaras + Melchom
  • Melchom + Tangata Manu
  • Fortuna + Harpy
  • Harpy + Napaea
  • Centaur + Spriggan
  • Centaur + Pixie

Archangel into Principality

Archangel can transform into Principality at level 22.

It is their duty to guard cities, different nations and various religion sects.

They have the following Skills:

  • Dekunda
  • Posumudi
  • Estoma Sword
  • Media

Principality into Power

Principality can transform into Power at level 30.

Power are said to be the guards at the entrance of Heaven this preventing demons from entering it. The have the following skills with them:

  • Tathlum Shot
  • Diarama
  • Megido

Power can also be created by the fusion of Senri + Tsuchigumo.

Power into Virtue

Power transforms into Virtue at level 37.

They are also known as, “The Shining One” because they give hope to others.

They have the following skills at their hand:

  • Sabbatma
  • Tetraja
  • Hamaon

Virtue can also be produced by the fusion of Tuofei + Scathach.

Virtue into Dominion

Virtue can transform into Dominion at level 46.

The basic task of Dominion is to look after other angels and keep an eye on their actions. They have the following abilities:

  • Mazionga
  • Medigo

They can also be created by the fusing Virtue + Erthys.

Kabuso into Senri

Kabuso are able to transform into Senri at level 23.

Kabuso is a demon which can take up the appearance of a cat and jinx people.

It has the following skills:

  • Binding Claw
  • Sukukaja
  • Media

Senri is a ghost who is said to be born from a cat. It can take up the form of a woman can deprive men of their life force.

It has the following skills at its disposal:

  • Recarm
  • Zanma
  • Mazanma

Senri, like many others, can be created by a number of Demon Fusions:

  • Jack the Ripper + Leanen Sidhe
  • Bilwis + Fortuna
  • Ictinike + Principality
  • Ictinike + Ame no Uzume
  • Shikome + Night Stalker
  • Ame no Uzume + Vouivre
  • Ame no Uzume + Shikome

Senri into Nekomata

Senri can transform into Nekomata at level 32.

Nekomata are the cats that have lived too long. They eventually learn human language and can make different shapes of themselves. Their power depends upon their age. The skills at their disposal are below:

  • Scratch Dance
  • Pulinpa
  • Ice Breath
  • Beastly Reaction

They can be created by the fusion of either Dis + Peallaidh or Yomotsu Ikusa + Peallaidh.

Mou-Ryu into Inferno

Mou-Ryu can turn into Inferno at level 28.

According to Japanese lore, Mou-Ryu are those spirits that failed to rise to Heaven and are stuck on earth. They have the following skills:

  • Mudo
  • Spirit Drain
  • Pulinpa

They can also be created by the fusion of either Ippon-Datara + Quicksilver or Ictinike + Night Stalker.
Inferno means “Hell” in Italian. It is a demon who sends his hatred in the form of flames. The skills at its disposal are:

  • Fire Breath
  • Life Bonus
  • Fire Pleroma

Inferno can also be created by the fusion of Senri + Mou-Ryu.

That’s pretty much all we have on different demons and their transformations. We will keep on updating this post as we’d discover anything!

Feel free to ask or add anything! We always welcome your feedback.

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