NFS: Shift Vs. Shift 2: Unleashed Graphics and Gameplay Comparison

Graphics and gameplay comparison between original NFS: Shift, and Shift 2: Unleashed.

For those of you who are yet to consider whether they should go about buying Shift 2: Unleashed or stick to their old love, Need For Speed: Shift. Here is the graphics and gameplay comparison video that will supplement your decision.

Note. The car driven is, Porche 911 GT2 and the track is Donington GP. Driven using Wheel with ClubSport Pedals and Fanatec Wheel Shifter with No Aids.

Shift 2 has this odd brown tint to it that Shift doesn’t have. The Shift 2’s billboards look blurry as you pass them. Also note that the cockpit view is closer to the dashboard in Shift 2. Any other differences you found ?

Final Thoughts – Shift looks pretty while Shift 2 looks realistic.

Thanks. MotoGamesTV.

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