Shenmue 3 Herbs Locations ‘Herbs Sets and Herb Maps

Learn how to get your hands on free Herb Maps in Shenmue 3 to make some easy money by selling these herbs with the help of our guide

Among the many ways you can earn money in the game, collecting and selling herbs is one of the easiest and lucrative ones. However, finding these herbs can take some time as they are scattered all over the place in Shenmue 3. This is where Herb Maps come in and this Shenmue 3 Herbs Locations guide will come in handy.

Shenmue 3 Herbs Locations

While the game tells you that you can buy herb maps from stores, you don’t actually have to do that and can get started on your herb collection journey without investing any money in it. So how do you get these herb maps then which show you the location of all the herbs in each area?

To get your hands on these herb maps, you first need to go to Bailu Village. You can get two free Herb Maps there from a poster stand in the village. You can get more maps from outside Kong Mei Goods in Panda Market.

The poster stand you are looking for is outside a store called Tag-Get. The store is to the right of the entrance and next to the totem pole. Just go to the poster stand and pick up two free herb maps from there that show you herbs around the Bailu Village.

With the map in hand, you can start completing herb sets. Open the main menu and navigate to the collections tab and from there you can check out the herb sets that need collecting.

Just use the maps to collect all the herbs in and around Bailu Village. Once you have the herbs, you can sell them at stores to make money. While you can sell these herbs in smaller amounts, to get the most out of your sales and earn good money, sell them in bulk.


It is best to collect as many herbs as you can, complete the Herb set and then sell the entire set or as big of a collection as you can to the stores. The more you sell, the more money you will make.

Below are the locations of the herbs around Bailu Village with the help of the herb maps we talked about.

Bailu Herb Map #1

Bailu Herb Map #2

Bailu Herb Map #3
bailu herb map

Bailu Herb Map #4

We have also explained the location of each Herb in the table below. As mentioned above, Herbs are a good source of income, and if you collect them in large amounts, you can sell them for a decent amount of profits at Tao’s shop.

Herb Location
Licorice Verdant Bridge / Bailu
Trifoliate Orange Rainbow Basin / Bailu
Jujube Shenhua Residence / Bailu
Poria Cocos Herb Shenhua Residence / Bailu

You can also trade in Sets of Herbs for Skill Books under Skill Book Exchange, which will reward you with powerful new combat moves. You should be able to see what Herbs are required under the exchange option.

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