BO3 Zombies: Best Wall Weapons In Shadows Of Evil

Vesper Vesper on the Wall.

Aside from Wonder Weapons and Mystery Box Weapons, there are numerous weapons that you can buy off walls in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies.

Unlike previous ‘Zombies Mode’ iterations; there are hardly any bad weapons in Shadows of Evil which makes picking our favorites a bit harder. But we can easily choose a variety of weapons based on their damage output, ammo count, accessibility, and performance against specialty-type zombies.

Below you will find the top 8 Wall Weapons in Black Ops 3 Zombies in Shadows of Evil map and the locations where you can purchase them.


Cost: 500
Location: On Easy Street, in the alleyway where you initially spawn near the truck and the Perk-a-Cola machine.

RK-5 is a 3-round burst pistol that you can pick up fairly early on in Shadow of Evil and it is much cheaper than any other weapon on this list. It deals decent damage and will carry you through the earlier rounds or until you can get to the next Wall Weapon.


Cost: 1300

  • Canal District High Street: At the top of the stairs leading down to the entrance of the Canal District.

VMP often gets divisive opinions based on its performance and your experience can vary depending upon your preferences. This SMG deals high damage and boasts a high fire rate. But its recoil paired with its rate of fire can cause you to run out of ammo in higher rounds.


Cost: 1,250

  • Footlight District, near the entrance, past the chain trap.
  • Subway Station, up the stairs leading to the Junction.

Vesper is another SMG that can be found on both Shadows of Evil as well as the Giant. In Shadows of Evil, you can find it on a wall inside the rift area accessible from all three districts. You can also Pack-a-Punch it to upgrade it to Infernus.

Vesper has a high rate of fire but an average size magazine which makes it burn through ammo in regular situations but it can save your life when there is a horde of zombies coming at you, thanks to its rate of fire.


Cost: 1,500
Location: Canal District (Monorail Side) on the side of the Ruby Rabbit building.

M8A7 is a 4-round burst assault rifle with high damage, a high rate of fire, accuracy, and a very slight recoil. This weapon is ideal for you if you are good at lining up headshots but it will spell your doom if you simply rely on spamming body shots due to its burst action and low damage outside of the head hitbox.


Cost: 1,400

  • Canal High Street – near the entrance.
  • Footlight District (Monorail Side) – on the small cafe in the middle of the street.

There are plenty of areas where you’ll be able to find KN-44 on Shadows of Evil It’s easily one of the most commonly available weapons on Shadows of Evil.

KN-44 is one of the most popular guns in Black Ops 3 Zombies due to its versatility and reliability. This assault rifle deals high damage with higher accuracy which makes it ideal for you if you like to save ammo.


Cost: 1,600

  • Waterfront District, on the back of the Anvil boxing building, just before the docks.
  • Footlight District High Street, between the diner and the monorail platform.

Aside from being available as a Mystery Box Weapon, HVK-300 is also available as a Wall Weapon in Shadows of Evil.

You will find this gun in almost everyone’s top 3 and with good reason. It becomes a total beast if you Pack-a-Punch it on top of its already fair damage output, smooth control, and large ammo capacity.


Cost: 2,000
Location: Inside the monorail while heading to Footlight District from the Canal District.

The Bootlegger is a unique-looking SMG in Black Ops 3 and it was also featured in the Shadows of Evil trailer. Despite the cost being quite steep, it has been recognized as one of the best guns in this Zombie map due to its high damage, fast reload speed, decent ammo capacity, and low recoil. Not to mention the style points you will score with your friends wielding this weapon.


Cost: 1,250

  • Canal District: Near the entrance from the Junction.
  • Waterfront District: Near the entrance, but after the chain trap.
  • Footlight District High Street: Up the stairs, passed the Perk-A-Cola machine.

Easily the best weapon in Shadows of Evil is Kuda, This SMG will help you line up headshots one after other and mow down the hordes of zombies in the nick of time. The high rate of fire, balanced damage, and mag size will also get you out of several certain death situations.

Kuda can be purchased at multiple locations for a relatively cheap price making it the most accessible gun on the map and the most reliable one.

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