Shadow of War End Game Content is 40-50 Hour Grind, Designed to Promote Loot Boxes

Shadow of War end game content “Shadow Wars” need to be completed before you can access the true ending of the game. However, the end game content is purposely designed to promote paid loot boxes. What’s worse is that design director Bob Roberts lied through his teeth about balancing microtransactions in an interview with Eurogamer.

Shadow of War endgame content is a tedious 40-50 hours grind. Most reviews don’t mention this, similar to how they skipped over NBA 2K18’s scam, but the problem is there. The design may appeal to obsessed completionists but regular players may just prefer giving up or head to YouTube to see the true ending.

We do not oppose the idea of offering hours of grind with fun content at the helm to unlock certain elements. But true endings should never be hidden behind anything, let along 40-50 hours of ridiculous missions. It should be more of an option to grind.

These 40+ hours are devoid of story missions, side quests, cutscenes etc to balance the pace. You need legendary Orcs to reach the true ending but obtaining those means spending real life money or spending dozens of hours earning chests via Vendetta missions.

At the end of is all, the true ending is just not worth the grind. The game doesn’t force you to spend money but you will either give up or end up spending real life money on chests. However, if you’re patient and persistent you can unlock the true ending without spending any money.

But like I said, it isn’t worth it.

The shady implementation of microtransactions and loot boxes is putting Shadow of War in the middle of controversy. Warner Brothers, in fact, even tried to profit from a charity memorial of deceased Shadow of War producer Michael David Forgey.

The true face of these companies is slowing unveiling itself, only time will tell how far they will go before the community actually starts to fight back and not pay them any money.

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