Shadow Of War Stats Reveal Over 1.5 Million Active Users

Shadow Of War launched earlier this month a with critical acclaim, however, the game reportedly failed to meet Warner Bros’ sales expectations. But that doesn’t mean that the game has not sold well, as despite the backlash from micro-transactions that game has over 1.5 million active users.

The number comes from developer Monolith Productions who revealed some stats for Shadow Of War. Aside from the game having 1.5 million active users, the studio has revealed that 3.46 million player forts have been sieged.

Other stats include 3.3 Billion Orcs slain, 193 million Orcs dominated, 3.65 Million betrayals, and 13.3 million Orcs have been shamed till now in Shadow Of War.

While Shadow Of War might have fallen short of sales expectations but, it seems that the game has a healthy player base in an era of gaming where player engagement is very important for publishers and developers.

However, the game might have fallen short of sales expectations due to the fact that Shadow Of Mordor also launched for legacy consoles along with current-gen consoles and PC but, Shadow Of War launched for PC and current-gen consoles.

Shadow Of War will also be enhanced for the upcoming Xbox One X and developer Monolith Productions has revealed that the game will feature two graphics mode for the enhanced console namely: Favor Resolution” and “Favor Quality”.

As the name suggests, Favor Resolution will increase the game’s resolution will be run the game at dynamic 4K meaning the game will run at native 4K when it can otherwise it will scale the resolution to keep up a steady FPS.

As for Favor Quality, the game will compromise on the resolution in favor of overall graphical enhancements and here the game will fully utilize dynamic scaling.

Shadow Of War is third-person action RPG developed by Monolith Productions for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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