Shadow of the Colossus Boss Guide – Defeat All Colossi, Tips and Tricks

The Shadow of the Colossus Boss Guide will instruct you through about all the bosses you will face in Shadow of the Colossus. There are a total of 16 bosses and every boss has its own weakness and abilities you should know about.

Shadow of the Colossus Boss

Shadow of the Colossus is about hunting giants and massive creatures with exciting artwork and breathtaking combat encounter. To take a giant it usually requires complex puzzle. First, you need to understand the environment and weakness of the colossi.

The guide will help you in identifying the spots where can climb the giant and expose its weak spot. Knowing the weak spots is very important because it deals much more damage and makes the boss much easier to kill. Getting to the weak spot usually requires climbing on a fur type area. Wander can always climb the furry area of the boss.

The First Boss
In this boss fight, you need to manage your stamina which is not an easy task because the boss keeps on shaking and try to toss you off his back when claimed upon.

For the left leg climb to the back and keep attack it until it falls.
Restore you stamina by jumping on the ledge on the rear and find a flat surface to stand on.
Climb the head by using the fur and stable it until its dead.

The Second Boss
Four-legged Titan will allow you have you mount with you. This fight requires mobility and use of bow to dis-balance the creature.

  • Run towards the front of the boss and look for the moment when he raises both front legs.
  • At the bottom of the feet is a weak spot shoot it with the bow.
  • On the back legs, there’s a weak point climb the back legs up to the rump.
  • Regain stamina on the Lower-back then climb to tail and use attacks to finish the first weak position.
  • Crossing the back and climbing onto the top of the head, Then damaging the face will defeat the boss.

The Third Boss
There no way to reach the weak point from the feet of the Truly Titanic.

  • Stand on the large platform made of stone, the boss will attack it and break the blocks in the path.
  • Return to the sand area and wait for the sword to hit the ground. Once the sword is on the ground use the furry area to reach the arm.
  • Climb you from his arm to his head which will make way from back of the arm, to back, then to the back of the neck and top of the head. On top attack the weak point.
  • Drop on the platform around the bosses waist and circle around this hip. Jump the fur to reach the belly where you will find the second weak point, damage it by stabbing it again and again.

The Fourth Boss
The boss has four legs and this time there is no weak spot in the legs so you will have to use Deception to reach the top of it.

  • Make sure that you lead the boss to the narrow entrance which was at the back. You have to wait a while so the colossus will stick its head inside.
  • Attack the neck on the weak spot which will make the boss lower its head.
  • Above the face is the second weak spot climb and attack it to defeat this boss.

The Fifth Boss
Wander reaches a lake where he must leave its horse behind with stone structure. The next boss is flying so need to track this one to land and then climb it.

  • Shoot arrows towards the flying creature to gets it attention.
  • Keep shooting at it until it dives towards you.
  • When the creature dives press R1 to grab the fur on the wings to climb it.
  • There are two weak points on the wings and one on the tail. Attack it.

The Sixth Boss
This traditional human-shaped requires you to hide somewhere. The Colossus is not that friendly so run as soon as it starts.

  • Run towards the large wall and lead the boss. There you can lead the colossus to attack or use the platforms to jump over it.
  • Find and use the shelter to hide there. Hide there until the boss peaks inside.
  • When the colossus peaks inside grab the furry bread and regain stamina on his back.
  • The first point is on the head and on the lower left side of his back you will be able to find the second point.

The Seventh Boss
The fight takes place underwater and boss creates electricity like the gigantic eel. In this fight, you need to manage stamina and oxygen.

  • Swim below the colossus then hold R1 as the tail shows for a few seconds.
  • On the surface run across when it dives just stop and grab hold.
  • On the boss, you will see electric spines. When it surfaces, sprint to the spine symbol and use the attack to eliminate it.
  • You need to eliminate all three weak spots in the spines, then attack the symbol marked on the boss’s forehead.

The Eighth Boss
This is one the trickiest boss and you need extra care when taking him on. Though if you are not careful the boss can easily take you out. The boss looks like an iguana of some kind which charges electricity and shoots a beam which you need to avoid.

  • Get its attention by using the whistle then run back to the second and third floor and make sure you are not spotted. The colossus will start the search for you.
  • Go to opposite side and shoot a charged arrow on the glowing foot. While it turns and starts to attack you shoot the second arrow on the second foot.
  • These hits will overthrow the boss. Jump in the middle are attack the weak point.
  • The second spot is also nearby slightly above on the belly. It will flip repeat the same thing and stab the weak point.

The Ninth Boss
Another four-legged boss in Shadow of the Colossus which you cannot climb so you need to use the environment to your advantage. It is tricky to take this boss down.

  • Tempt the boss out of the dark cave to the valley full of geysers. Lure it under a geyser to overthrow it.
  • While it is off balance shoot arrows into the symbol at the boss’s feet. Keep shooting until it completely falls down.
  • Make your way to belly when it gets up to make sure you are on its back.
  • Make slightly approach towards the head. Destroy the symbol and defeat it.

The Tenth Boss
The next Colossus will require you to have a horse. It speeds through the sand and hit the Wander if you are not paying attention.

  • Mount the horse and run from the colossus make your it is chasing you. Pressing and holding L1 to keep a watch on Colossus, a head will appear, showing two eyes.
  • Shoot the eye using the arrow to make the boss stop. Run to the tail end.
  • Jump and climb the furry belly. Eliminate the first symbol and the boss will return to the sand.
  • Repeat the same action but this makes you need to climb higher than before. When on top be careful because the boss will trash with full force. Attack the second symbol to win the fight.

The Eleventh Boss
The tiniest boss in Shadow of the Colossus of all but also very tough. The small size beast can easily take you out with a blink of an eye.

  • The boss takes no damage at the start. You need to Climb up to one of the torches and wait for the boss to slam against the platform, causing a stick to fall.
  • Gather the stick then stab a torch to light it up. Drop back, the boss is afraid of fire.
  • Lead the boss to the edge of the arena and remember to not get too close to the boss or it will attack you.
  • On the fall the back will crack open and weak spot will be exposed. Drop down from the ledge and climb the fur, then eliminate with two Charged stabs.

The Twelfth Boss
There is no clear way to reach this boss in Shadow of the Colossus, it’s massive in size and hangs around the water. It shoots projectiles, making it more dangerous than other before.

  • Swim and jump up the boss’s furry tail to its back.
  • Climb up to the top and stab the three crystals to direct in left, right and forward toward one of the stone building.
  • Position the colossus to a structure, then jump on top. Hide behind the raised area until the boss climbs upon it. Which will expose its belly.
  • Make your way to the belly by climbing and there you will destroy two crystal.

The Thirteenth Boss
The dragon titan is giant and majestic one of the most awesome bosses in Shadow of the Colossus. The fight is full of action and requires the full attention of the player.

  • Shoot the bulbous sacks on the Colossus from horseback with the bow. You need to blast three sacks.
  • The colossus will shift and drop into the sand. Run after the colossus and jump onto the grooves on the scales while mid-chase.
  • Climb on the center and then onto the back, move towards the weak point that is back, center and front.
  • After a while the boss will dive into the sand, knocking everything off. Repeat the same method to climb aboard a second or might take third time to defeat all three weak spots below the flaps.

The Fourteenth Boss
Shadow of the Colossus Fourteenth boss looks familiar almost a repeat but no its much different and behaviors and attack every more deadly. To successfully kill this boss you need to get somewhere this boss cannot reach you.

  • Locate the tiles near the lower edges of the Coliseum and trick the boss into stomping. When it stomps on the tiles, they will teeter into ramps you can use to reach the ledges.
  • Trick the colossus to attack with its stone cleaver. When the colossus attacks, blocks will fall from the beams, creating another path you can climb your way up.
  • Run up until you reach stairs and a bridge high above the Coliseum floor. Draw the colossus until its close enough for you to drop down onto its head.
  • On the head will the first symbol you can destroy. Climb down the right shoulder to locate a symbol on the elbow. Destroying it will drop the boss’s cleaver.
  • On the palm of right-hand lies the final symbol. Drop down and get the boss to cast Palm-slam which will allow you to grab and crawl at the last point.

The Fifteenth Boss
This last boss in Shadow of the Colossus, that is made for war with huge firing capabilities which cannot be dodged. So you need to move the cover from cover until its safe to move between laser blasts.

  • The Colossus is massive in size so you will have to climb up a single path. Go to the furry back and eliminate the symbol.
  • Once the symbol is destroyed, it will lower a hand. Jump and grab the fur of the hand wait for it to stretch out. Run towards the wrist and locate the second symbol on the arm when it’s lower.
  • The boss will cover the spot with its other hands once the second symbol is destroyed. Jump onto this hand and ride it. Stab the hand so it raises it up.
  • Use the bow to shoot the weak spot on the shoulder. you’ll be able to leap onto the shoulder fur. Here you can go to the neck and head.
  • Wait for your opening between thrashing and attack. The only symbol you need to destroy is on the head.

This is all we have in our Shadow of the Colossus Boss Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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