Gunfire Games Getting Serious About Darksiders 4 Already

At this Gamescom, the devs of Darksiders series, Gunfire Games, had a lot to talk about but what really seems to have captivated is the fact that they are very serious about working on Darksiders 4.

However, at the moment it is a thought process but it certainly is a heads up to the fans, if you ask us.

This is certainly not the first time we are hearing from the devs getting in on the fourth chapter of the series, all the while they are working on rolling out the third one.

Now since Darksiders 3 is scheduled to roll out in November this year, the company has shared its plans that they are definitely considering the fourth sequel.

During the Gamescom 2018 event, senior designer Richard Vorodi spoke about the possibility of such. He said that he had noticed few of the fans speculating about Darksiders 4, especially since the four Horseman is also into existence.

Now since the third appears to be revolving around Fury, it leaves Strife in the open. In fact, the devs at Gunfire Games, have been talking about, what the gameplay would could be like if Darksiders 4 was made.

The plan was always four,” he confirmed, though he didn’t say anything further about when we could expect that particular chapter of the series to come around. After all, the team’s still knee-deep in development for Darksiders III, so we’re guessing it’s all about doing one thing at a time.

Furthermore, they also added that the third entry is shaping up nicely and Vorodi is very optimistic about is. Our bets are that if Darksiders 3 exceeds the expectations then, the studio will definitely be going in for Darksiders 4.

With all that said, what are your thoughts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.