See How Playstation’s Newest Title Can Replicate Ghost Of Tsushima In Dreams

Some enterprising soul has remade Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams, the newest game from Littlebigplanet developers Media Molecule.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima game has yet to come out, but that hasn’t stopped some enterprising fans from attempting to develop it themselves. In this tweet, someone has been able to make Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams, the newest title for the Playstation 4 that came out last Friday.

Dreams was marketed as a game where you could make your own game, essentially, being a creative playground for any player. There’s been a large number of games that have already been made in it, and the Ghost of Tsushima clip you can see in the tweet is only one of many different ones, including an earlier recreation made back in May of last year.

While the clip is only a clip so far, and there’s no telling if anymore of it was made, seeing Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams is definitely a good way to get people talking about the game. While it doesn’t look exactly like the game, the actual gameplay is almost identical.

Considering that the same developer that made Dreams, Media Molecule, also made Littlebigplanet, it’s no real surprise that user-made content is such a big deal in that game. With so many players wanting to play it all at once, we may see a huge rise in user-made content soon.

That’s not even getting into the amount that can be raised as more and more people see what cool stuff others are capable of making in Dreams and get into the game themselves. Even if we don’t know if games from Dreams might even be published one day, it’s still a way to get more gamers into actually trying to develop games.

You can see the gameplay footage of the Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams by following the link up at the top of the article. Otherwise, if that’s gotten you interested, you can pick up Dreams now exclusively for the Playstation 4.

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