Secret Street Fighter V Costumes Discovered In The Latest Update

Italian insider X-Kira found some secret Street Fighter V costumes in the update data, featuring some stuff regarding Red Bull.

Latest Street Fighter V update didn’t apparently add nothing relevant to the game. But it seems we were wrong. Italian insider X-Kira, in fact, found a new set of secret Street Fighter V costumes for Ryu and Chun-Li.

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This pack containing the secret costumes is called “Red Bull BC One” and have been introduced because of a deal between Capcom and Redbull, whose purpose is to advertise the Red Bull BC One B-Boy competition that will be held in Japan.

But there’s more. X-Kira found some secret-codes allowing to remove jackets and other parts of the clothes.

Down here you can find a gallery with the already quoted secret Street Fighter V costumes.

However, Capcom is not doing good with updates as one of the latest patches released for Street Fighter V PC was a security risk.

A lot of PC players complained about it and, at the end of the day, Capcom released a deletion tool to remove this patch.

The steps are pretty simple as you’ll only have to repeat the update within the client and after that, it will be needed to manually execute this tool, rebooting the system once the process it’s done.

If you want to be sure everything went fine, everything you’ll have to do is repeating these steps and if everything’s right you’ll receive a popup message saying there’s no need to repeat this process.

However, these Redbull costumes are pretty funny and it’s better to wait an official announcement from Capcom to see if more contents will be added.