Sea Of Thieves Riddles Guide – How To Solve, All Riddles (Tips And Tricks)

This Sea of Thieves Riddles Guide is for completing quests in Sea of Thieves which involve riddles and puzzles in one way or another. Since they can be tricky and aren’t for the less patient of gamers out there (no offense), we’ve decided to help. Below, you can find our Riddles Guide for Sea of Thieves, which we will be updating quite often to include more puzzles and riddles.

Sea of Thieves Riddles

Many quests in Sea of Thieves, especially the Treasure Hunting ones, will require you to solve a series of riddles. After acquiring a quest or a voyage from one of the three factions in the game, you will be given many clues to aid your hunt for gold. Arranging and understanding these clues in the right order can lead you to the location of the treasure right away. The clues are in the form of parchments or scrolls of paper which you can read out from your inventory.


Some of these clues will point to features of geography which will help you make out a landmark that’s close to the Treasure Chest. Others will give you information about the time of day the treasure may be accessible. You might even need to trigger and activate certain objects but it’s basically a whole elaborate puzzle.

Riddles come in steps, with only the current one being visible to you and your crewmembers. Initially, some lines of riddle on the parchment will be washed out. If you successfully solve one riddle and move to a different location then the second portion of the riddle becomes prominent.


Of course, answer for riddles will depend on what the riddle actually is. There’s no overall or general trend which follows in these puzzles. Before we head to specific riddles, some general rules are below:

Riddles will always be centered around a landmark or a specific location on one of the islands. Some riddles will require you to trigger or activate certain objects to give you more clues and take you closer to the gold.

Occasionally, riddles will help you in on the time of the day in which you should venture out to achieve the treasure chest since it’ll only be accessible then. Others will just require you to move to certain locations to complete the whole riddle business.

The Ill-Gotten Loot of Mad Oil

There’s something on Lone Cove unseen; it’s in a chest and has a sheen

Find the grave of the beloved boar to the southwest, a road to fortune with shovel’s blasé, 9 paces north-by-north west, a hole needs made

This is one of the more obvious ones. Just by reading it, you seem to figure out the location of action i.e. Lone Cove. You need to move to southwest of that region and look for a special grave. This will be surrounded by lanterns and rocks. Ready your shovel and dig the treasure chest out from this precise location.

The Devil’s Ridge

“Devil’s Ridge has riches vast, from forgotten stories in the past. From the Legendary Lone Hunter on the North beach ye are getting near,

9 paces East-by-North East and shovel here.”

From the first line, it becomes evident that you need to head to a location named ‘Devil’s Ridge’. You can find it to the east of the map in quadrant U-24. You can sail to that place from the ‘Plunder’ outpost. Sail east-by-southwest to reach the Devil’s Ridge from this outpost.

Reading the second sentence, you can make out the fact that you need to head to the north of the island. Here, look for a cave with an embedded painting of a red hunting wielding a spear. The final line comes into play now, face east-by-north east on your compass. Then take 9 steps to reach the treasure. Dig it out with your shovel.

Crook’s Hollow

“After mutiny and plunder, now come to rest, on Crook’s Hollow to hide my chest.

The Endless Lizard painting where the light is murky, dig 6 paces South-by-Southeast a treasure’s lurking

You can find Crook’s Hollow on your map by navigating to quadrant Q-19. On this island, look for a wooden pier in the bay area. This will lead you into a cave, hence the ‘where the light is murky’. Keep moving forward until you find a skeleton against a wall near an extinguished bonfire.

Opposite of here, you can see a painting of lizards resembling the idea of ‘The Endless Lizard’. From here, use your compass to move in the south-by-southeast direction for 6 paces forward. Dig the treasure out via the shovel.

Snake Island

“On Snake Island brave and old, I sought to hide my plundered gold.

Find the Sunstone on the South West beach of the largest isle, you salty dog, 6 paces north, have a dig and then a grog.

Snake Island is present in quadrant N-19 on your map. You can get there by going to the ‘Plunder’ outpost and then head east from there. Approach the island from the southwest direction.

You’re looking for a rock with a picture of a red sun drawn on it since the riddle mentions ‘Sunstone’. From this rock, face north by using your compass, and take 6 steps in this direction. The treasure will be located in a small alcove in the cliff. Dig it out!

Shark Bait Cove

To Shark Bait Cove you may be bound, in search of fortune in the ground. Find the campfire at the remains of the fishing camp on the South West shores, you salty dog,

7 paces West-by-Northwest, have a dig and then a grog.

Share Bait Cove is located in quadrant I-24. Head to the southwestern part of the area and find a stonewall near the shore. On it, you will see something painted, some sort of gesture of fishing. Look around for a campfire, and then set yourself in the west-by-northwest direction to move 7 paces forward. Find the treasure and dig it out.

Thieves’ Haven

For gold to Thieves’ Haven you sail, but I’ll take a wager you will fail. Reading this map a clue, you’ll see, if at the painted heavens up high to the North East ye standing be

Find the mark of the Red Eyed Parrot above the North inner waters, you salty dog, 9 paces North East, have a dig and then a grog.

The Thieves’ Haven is located right on the border between quadrant P-24 and P-25. We advise to sail here with one other crewmember at least because of the strong tides and winds pushing you back. You may need to plug the holes in to prevent water entering your boat.

Once you’ve reached the island, you’ll get the next clue telling you to find a ‘painted heaven’. To do this, climb up to reach the top of the island and then head northeast from here. You’ll find the painting of night sky along with the stars and moon on a stonewall near a wooden crane.

After this, another clue pops up on the parchment. Go back to the shore of the island and look for a ladder to climb up. Look to the left and you’ll notice the painting of a ‘red eyed parrot’. From here, follow the directions 9 paces in the northeast direction. Dig up the treasure!


The first line of clue goes like:

“To Shipwreck Bay you may be bound, in search of fortune in the ground”.

Find this island in quadrant Q-12. You can sail to here from the ‘Galleon’s Grave’ outpost. Landing on the island, you will see the important landmark on the island include some remains of a ship called ‘The Blackwyche’. This is where the second part of the riddle gets revealed:

Beneath the monstrous remains looking out to the North seas.

Climb up the mast of the Blackwyche to reach the tallest rock here. Head to the alcove where there’s SUPPOSED to be the chest, but isn’t there. From here, you either head towards the summit of this rock peak or one of the rocks northwest of the island along with another shipwreck. This will trigger the third line and clue of the riddle to be revealed:

Skull pile in the shadow of the largest peak, raise the lantern.

In the central part of the island is a rock shaped in a way to point outwards towards the sky. Climbing up, you’ll come across a ledge which has some skulls and torchlight beneath it. Defeat the skeletons here. Raise your lantern near the skull pile. This will trigger the final piece of clue in the riddle:

Anchor resting on stone near the Blackwyche’s remains

Head back to where you came from. Towards the backside of the Blackwyche remains, find an anchor near the right of this part of the ship. Use your compass to face north-by-northwest and walk 7 paces forward in that direction. Defeat any skeletons in the way and dig the treasure out!

As we head deeper into the game, we’ll be updating this page with more of the quests which involve these puzzles. Until then, I’ll leave you with just a final bit of advice: maybe share these clues with your crewmembers. The more minds working on a problem, the quicker you can get your answer to it!

This is all we have in our Sea of Thieves Riddles Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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