Sea Of Thieves Images Leaked, Defeating Kraken Won’t Be Easy

Sea of Thieves recently had Kraken images leaked and they give a whole new spectrum to the game. The creature has eight tentacles, so the players.

The upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios Sea Of Thieves seems like it has a lot more to offer than we all know. Very recently Kraken images have got leaked and they give a whole new spectrum to the game.

Based on the information made available, what we can gather from the images is that Kraken in the Sea Of Thieves is one of a kind terrifying beast that is gigantic than anyone has probably anticipated. In a way, these images are a spoiler for those who want to go into this battle blindfolded but if you see the image it would serve better for you will know what’s coming your way.

Anything more that can be gathered about the Kraken from these images is that this creature is more than a force of nature, the details are just spectacular. The Kraken has eight tentacles, so the players have a lot of hands to manage.

If the ship is attacked by these tentacles then the players will need to attack these tentacles in order to free their ships from its grasp. Of course, the players will certainly be rewarded for taking care of that monster. The developers certainly know how difficult it would be. One thing is for sure it will not be a walk in the park.

While the game is one month away from its release on Xbox One and PC, there is still much that is being done by the developers. According to Rare, Sea Of Thieves Scale Test will be starting tomorrow on Friday 16th Feb. The test will let the developers know how the game holds up. Furthermore, whats interesting is that another beta will be available for all key owners before its full release.

Also, Sea of Thieves is going to be, play anywhere title so if you download it on the Xbox One then you will also be able to play it on PC as well. So, in short, it will run on Potato PCs as well.