Scalebound Release Date, Planned for March 2017?

Scalebound is an Xbox One exclusive game under development at Platinum Games for quite some time. Recently the game was delayed to 2017 for Platinum games to deliver on their ambitions, however, Scalebound release date have not been announced ever since.

A British retailer might have revealed the ScaleBound release date, according to the site Scalebound will release on march 31st, 2017.


It is important to mention that officially the release date for Sclaebound has not been announced, so there is a high probability that the date will change, or this could be a placeholder until Microsoft announces the release date.

Earlier this year Xbox One store updated the release date information of Scalebound, and due to a glitch the store page showed a release date of December 31 2799, however, the glitch was amended shortly after.

Scalebound is an action game, which is an specialty of Platinum games, which revolves around a boy named Drew, who found himself in a mystical land of Draconis. Here he meets with a giant dragon named Thuban, who befriend each other, and giving abilities to Drew to fight and protect Draconis, Earth and other parallel worlds.


The game was originally revealed during Xbox conference at E3 2014, and the game is a mix of RPG and action genre. Both Drew and Thuban cac be leveled up and gain new abilities, Thuban’s appearance  can also be customized.

Player s will encounter both human and human sized enemies along with giant monsters, which both Drew and Thuban can fight at the same time. However, players will have to be careful as if on of them dies the other dies too.

Platinum Games might also be looking into Scalbound VR. according to a fan who took a tour of the studio in March. During the trip the fans experienced Scalebound VR, which was put together by Platinum using Scalebound assets.

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