Report: Development On “Scalebound” Has Been Resumed, Platinum Games Not Attached To The Project

Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed the cancellation of Scalebound which came as a surprise to a lot of gamers who were looking forward to the game. However, it seems that the game is not yet dead and Microsoft still intends to develop a Scalebound game and the company has renewed the rights to the IP.

According to the report from the Twitter user, XRays_Insider, who claims that an insider has told him that the development on Scalebound has been resumed but the development is not being led by Platinum Games but another studio entirely which is very close to Microsoft and more info will be coming soon.

In another tweet, he added that the game is being developed from the scratch and is in early development. Also, Microsoft has renewed the rights to the IP. Those wondering about the game not being developed by Platinum Games, well the IP is owned by Microsoft, so it can have any studio develop Scalebound.

Insider Report: Do you remember Scalebound? Development is resumed, led by and entrusted to an important "close" MS team. Info soon!

— X-Rays ♏ (@XRays_Insider) May 18, 2017

The game was canceled due to some creative differences between Microsoft and Platinum Games and also there were rumors about Microsoft interfering too much with the game’s development. However, according to the father of Xbox Seamus Blackley, if Scalebound was going to fail then Phil’s reliability in the company was going down and that is why the game was canceled.

If Scalebound was gonna fail and builds weren’t looking good or weren’t getting any better then that’s Phil’s credibility. The Microsoft executives and board of directors were over his shoulder.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to salvage the situation that has been created after the game’s cancellation? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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