Salt and Sacrifice Marega Gredanya Boss Guide

Marega Gredanya is Foulmurk Marsh’s monstrous and fascinating queen. The following guide will explain how to find and defeat Marega Gredanya in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Marega Gredanya Location

Marega Gredanya can be found in the center of Corvius’ Mire. From there head west down through a series of steps and reach Foulmurk Marsh. Travel East from here and there you will find Obelisk.

Replenish your health and head further east. After climbing several poles, you will find the boss on top of the tree stump.

How to Defeat Marega Gredanya

Marega Gredanya has some lethal attacks in her moveset. You can get to know all of them below.

Staff Smash: Marega uses her staff to perform a leisurely downward strike. This is a melee attack that is quite simple to avoid. She will follow up with a forward kick if her Health drops below half.

Melee Strike: Marega Gredanya attacks with her arm before delivering a swift downward strike with her staff. If you compare both attacks, the staff attack delivers more damage and should be dodged.

Poppet Summon: As she slowly extends her palm forward, it flashes a dark green beam of light. Following that, a Straw Poppet add will drop in on the player from above and remain in the fight until you either kill the puppet or her.

When Marega’s Health falls below half, she summons two Poppets in one go. To avoid becoming overloaded and confused, kill these as soon as they appear. If you hit her when she is summoning the puppet, the process will abort altogether.

Green Bomb: Marega’s hand glows a vivid green as she hovers high above the battlefield. She immediately throws a bomb at the ground, which blows on impact, delivering moderate injury. Run beneath or to the backside of her rapidly since she will only throw the bomb at the front side of her.

Spinning Combo: She rotates in a circle, striking with her staff multiple times. She finishes with a Staff Strike and follows up with an extending kick if her Health is below half. After the bomb hits the ground, keep moving and escape out from under her.

Invisible Attack: As Marega raises her palm above her head, it shines a vibrant green beam of light. Her appearance is obscured by a dark cloud and because of this action, she becomes invisible. You can take a guess of her location when she’s invisible, but determining what attacks she is utilizing, especially while performing her melee skills, can be tough. She will only utilize this move when she is below half of her health and will reemerge after a few seconds from the cloud.

Defeating Marega Gredanya is rather simple, especially with powerful weaponry. Exchanging punches with the old woman is a feasible technique if you are suitably leveled and have decent gear.

Her melee attacks are a little difficult to read and come out quickly, but all of them can be avoided except the Spinning Combo, which happens after she throws her Green Bomb.

Ensure that you kill her Straw Poppets whenever she summons them. It’s pointless to track them down because they’ll vanish within a short period so if you miss any it’s not a big deal.

You can also apply consistent force with fast attacks to weaken her and fully abort the summoning process.

Avoid approaching within the melee range of her when she conceals herself. It is advised that you build distance and strike from a range while she is invisible.

Marega Gredanya Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following items as a reward for taking down Marega Gredanya as well as earn The Hag trophy:

  • Twin Mosspyr
  • Pilgrim’s Urn
  • Salt x6,900
  • Silver x870

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