Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Amben Secret Boss Guide

This guide will help you find the Inquisitor Amben Secret boss in Salt and Sacrifice and outline the boss fight against him.

Salt and Sacrifice has a lot of bosses, not all of which are easily found. One of the secret bosses in the game is an Inquisitor himself. This guide will help you find the Inquisitor Amben Secret boss in Salt and Sacrifice and outline the boss fight against him.

Salt and Sacrifice Inquisitor Amben Secret Boss Location

To unlock the secret Inquisitor Amben Boss, you need to find the said inquisitor first. You can find the inquisitor for the first time in Ashbourne Village, after you get the grappling hook. You need to also complete the first Mage Hunt to be able to unlock the door to the Inquisitor’s cave. Enter the cave and talk to the inquisitor.

The inquisitor shows interest in the knowledge stored in the cave and tells you that he will be heading on to Bol Gerahn next to continue his search for knowledge. After your interaction here, you need to head on to Bol Gerahn to find the Inquisitor again.

In Bol Gerahn, Inquisitor Amben will try to justify the use of Forbidden Glyphs, claiming that these glyphs are just a type of tool, and their use depends on the user.

You will get the dialogue option while talking to Inquisitor Amben, he will draw similarities between a weapon and the Forbidden Glyphs. Here, select the “They’re the same.” Option to continue the questline.

You agreeing with the inquisitor will only feed his thirst for knowledge and understanding of the forbidden magic. He will inform you that he is about to head to Corvius’ Mire next.

In Corvius’ Mire, you need to defeat Marega Gredanya main boss to be able to access the NPC. When you meet Inquisitor Amben in Corvius’ Mire, he is now wearing a helmet and is in deep thoughts.

When you meet him, he claims that he is completely spellbound and has found some glyphs that have revealed to him the location of a Forbidden Vault in Dreadstone Peak. Of course, the inquisitor is now heading onto Dreadstone peak next to look for the vault.

In the vault in Dreadstone Peak, you find the inquisitor singing a song that tells the legend of the Guardians of Temple of Eleven. Here, Inquisitor Amben will ask you if you are familiar with the song he is singing. You will get dialogue options. Here select the “I am.” Option to continue the questline.

Next, you will find Inquisitor Amben in Temple of Embers, for the last time. You need to get to the library on the roof of the Temple to find Inquisitor Amben sitting here.

Just as you talk to Inquisitor Amben here, he will turn into a mage, and you will start the boss fight with the inquisitor.

Inquisitor Amben Boss Fight

Inquisitor Amben is very agile in the boss fight and taking your chances to land more than even one hit can be fatal. Most of the boss’s attacks from his sword include single, simple front slashes, or the boss will jump and try to stab you if you are far away.

Depending on the height of Inquisitor Amben’s jump, you can predict the follow up attack. A low jump is followed up by a simple stab in the ground and can be easily dodged. If Inquisitor Amben jumps high above, he will roll after hitting the ground before slamming his sword down to hit you. Dodging this attack too early will allow the inquisitor to track and hit you.

Inquisitor Amben has only two magic attacks that he uses during the fight. From the start of the fight, Inquisitor Amben will summon lightning around him on both sides. The Lightning has a small AoE and it’s better to dodge away from Inquisitor Amben’s attack instead of trying to dodge through it.

Once you have depleted half of Inquisitor Amben’s Health, he will start using his lightning orb more offensively, and will shoot two separate lighting orbs at you. These orbs are shot in your direction, and you can easily avoid them by dodging to the other side of Inquisitor Amben.

Inquisitor Amben Rewards

Once you defeat the inquisitor, you will get Strigid armor set. You will have a few more dialogues with the inquisitor before he finally dies.

Defeating Inquisitor Amben will also get you the Scholar Trophy in the game.

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