Salt and Sacrifice Icon of Pandemonium Boss Guide

The Icon of Pandemonium is another terrifying boss of Salt and Sacrifice. If you’re looking to defeat this creature, you’ve come to the right place.

Salt and Sacrifice Icon of Pandemonium Location

You will be able to find the Icon of Pandemonium at the Citadel of Sky. When you reach the end of the Citadel, past the spinning traps, an Ether Vent will take you to the upper platform. Continue on and you will come across a pulley. You can ride the pulley to unlock a shortcut from the floor below and then return, or just ignore that and jump to the platform above the pulley to climb the ladder.

Activate the Stone Circle and then ride the Ether Vents to your right to reach the glowing grappling points. Make sure to start moving as soon as you activate the Stone Circle. Use the grappling points to make your way to the upper-left ledge. Activate the Obelisk here and move upwards to encounter the Icon of Pandemonium.

How To Defeat Icon of Pandemonium

Unlike the other bosses, the Icon of Pandemonium is in a constate state of flight. That gives you an opportunity to easily get behind the boss by simply rushing beneath it. That is also what you will mostly be doing during the fight.

However, when it casts Lightning Burst and Lightning Storm, you will need to move away and keep your distance. Lightning Burst causes an explosion around the Icon of Pandemonium. Lightning Storm creates lightning orbs at random around the arena. You will take a lot of damage if you’re still lurking around the boss during either of these attacks.

Furthermore, be prepared to jump when it casts Grounded Lightning. You need to time your jumps though because jumping early during the attack animation will likely get you caught. Also, note that it will cast two sets of bolts. There will be a delay in-between and hence, as stated before, you need to time your jumps.

The rest of the fight should be straightforward.

Icon of Pandemonium Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for defeating the Icon of Pandemonium:

  • Carved Feline
  • Ashpyr Trio
  • Salt x20,077
  • Silver x560

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