Salt and Sacrifice Aur Cyrus Mage Hunt Guide

The following guide will explain how to take down Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium, and finish this mage hunt in...

The following guide will explain how to take down Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium, and finish this mage hunt in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice Aur Cyrus, The Wild Pandemonium Location

Aur Cyrus can be found at Bol Gerahn. You’ll initially encounter this boss at the base of the tree from where you start the mage hunt.

Aur Cyrus will then teleport himself to the pulley and then to the eastern tree. You can use the grapple points to reach him by climbing up the ladder as he teleports himself further away.

By climbing up the tree to go to the eastern side, you’ll come across an Obelisk. After that, jump up the ledge and go through the entryway of the narrow vertical cave.

Now you have to jump up the ledge and exit to find the mage again. Fight all the summons to get the actual boss fight started.

How to Defeat Aur Cyrus

Aur Cyrus loves to cast spells while stacking sword attacks in combination. You’ll find little time between his attacks to heal. Something else to note is that his melee attacks are more damaging than his spells.

You should also be aware of his rolling twister attack as it can come from either side. Rolling twister itself is less damaging but getting hit can stagger and open you up for additional attacks and juggles. His tornadoes can easily be dodged, but you should pay attention to his hands as he can cast them repeatedly.

When Aur Cyrus’s health falls below 50 percent, his sword attacks will become quicker. Aur Cyrus will always follow a downward slash with an advancing slash. Hence, make sure to anticipate that second attack.

There are some combo attacks by his sword, double advancing slash which is followed by a retreating slash. Keep that in mind as well and prepare to dodge a retreating slash when he does his advancing slash. Considering the boss’ arsenal of attacks, it is best if you don’t get pushed to the side of the arena.

As for countering, the tolling twister attack gives you the best window of opportunity because Aur Cyrus will be locked in his attack animation for a few seconds. If he casts a tornado, you can dodge and throw a couple of ranged attacks.

Note that he does not have good damage resistance. Hence, empty your ranged attacks into him to take away a good chunk of his health bar. His wind blades attack also has some recovery time, which can give you enough time to get in at least one attack.

Aur Cyrus Drops/Rewards

You receive the following rewards for taking down Aur Cyrus:

  • Ethereal Heart
  • Misty Lung
  • Cloudy Vein
  • Longing Wisp
  • Blazepyr
  • Frospyr
  • Salt  x1,750
  • Silver  x875
  • Guiltless Shard
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