How to Get Wingsuit in Saints Row

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a Wingsuit in Saints Row and glide around Santo Illeso at new heights.

Exploring the city of Santo Illeso on foot can be a breathtaking adventure. But you know what’s better than seeing the city on foot? Seeing it from the air while flying around like Batman. That is where the Wingsuit for your Boss comes in. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a Wingsuit in Saints Row and how you can perfect your skills to use the gear.

How to Get Wingsuit in Saints Row

While acquiring any type of gear in Saints Row Reboot is a bit challenging, considering how each feature in the game is initially locked away, the Wingsuit however will be fairly easy to find. Although the developers never directly mentioned how you can avail the Wingsuit. However, you get access to this gear the moment you enter the city of Santo Illeso.

Simply complete the Tutorial Missions entirely to unlock the Wingsuit. As soon as you’ve completed the missions, you’ll successfully get the Wingsuit in your inventory.

How to Use Wingsuit

Using the Wingsuit in Saints Row Reboot is far more challenging than actually availing it. The gear can only be used on certain occasions. Unfortunately, the gear doesn’t necessarily trigger manually and you’ll have to find the required places for it to launch.

The only way you can use it is by jumping off of heights. The best-case scenario is to find buildings in the city with a yellow-colored icon atop of them. Head up to the rooftop of these buildings and jump down to automatically activate the Wingsuit.

Secondly, as soon as you get access to flying vehicles such as helicopters and other aircraft, you can jump out of them to fly in the air.

Lastly, as an alternate, you can find a bunch of vehicles with Ejector seats installed in them. This is probably a neutral recommended option to go for. Therefore, you should use it only if you don’t have other options available at the time.

Now, once you’ve reached the required locations to jump off, the game will notify you if you’re high enough to activate the suit or not. If you’re at a higher point suitable to jump, press the jump button. Once airborne, direct yourself to the place you desire to go.

You can also manage the speed you want to fly at by simply pressing LT or L2 on consoles or CTRL on PC for a safe landing.

Speaking of which, when flying in air wearing a Wingsuit, the most difficult part is the landing. Even though Saint Rows doesn’t allow you to take much land damage, you can still deal a good amount to kill you.

Therefore, maintain a safe speed before you land. You don’t want to land on a concrete floor and lose all of your health. In the end, keep using the gear until you get comfortable in it and can fly all around Santo Illeso with ease

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