How Towing Works In Saints Row

Saints Row has a "towing" mechanic that allows you to move other cars, buildings, or objects to new locations. Here's how it works.

In Saints Row, you need to use your vehicle’s towing capabilities to move objects and structures to new locations for numerous missions and challenges. This particular mechanic requires you to unlock towing vehicles.

This guide will explore how you can tow objects and vehicles in Saints Row. We’ll also go over how you can unlock two trucks or acquire tows for your cars.

How to Tow in Saints Row

To tow vehicles or objects, you need a car with a tow cable attached. Bring your vehicle to your base or Jim Rob’s garage, visit the equipment section, and buy it for $7,500. Alternatively, you can start the Wuzyerz Repo criminal venture to unlock the tow truck. In this game, it’s called the Shaft.

With a tow cable, towing a vehicle/object in Saints Row Reboot is really easy. Simply approach the vehicle/object and click on the R1/RB button.

Now you can see your car’s rear view while the towing instructions will also appear. In a specified way, align the car so that the towing guide is just inside the object/vehicle to attach the cable.

Then press the R1/RB button once more. As soon as the tow cable is attached, the item you connected will roll or drag after you. To detach your cable after towing a car or other object, click the R1/RB button again.


When towing an object or vehicle, the controls remain the same. However, your handling is severely impacted.

Tow cable not working?

In certain cases, you may find that the tow cable doesn’t work in Saints Row. This is because you can only tow objects/vehicles that turn green whenever the towing guide contacts them. That means that while you can almost tow every single vehicle, there aren’t many things you can make contact with.

Sometimes, you may find the cable refusing to shoot out of your vehicle. When this problem occurs, try holding down the R1/RB button. If the problem persists, try reloading a previous save file or using another two vehicles.

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