Saints Row Tank Location Guide

If you want to add a tank to your arsenal in Saints Row then you've come to the right guide because we'll be explaining how to get one in detail.

In Saints Row, newbies might not be able to locate a Tank, and they might not even have multiple choices in terms of ammunition or vehicles. But it isn’t too hard to add a tank to your inventory once you’ve established your base and begun to grow as the criminal lord of the city, eliminating the Marshals and Los Panteros. In this guide, I will brief on how to get a Tank in Saints Row

How to Get a Tank in Saints Row

To easily earn a tank for your garage you must complete the main story quest “Severance Package” in the game’s last chapter. Yes, this does imply that if you desire a tank early on in your Saint Row world, you should blitz through the main quests. You can skip some of the minor quests but I would advise against it as completing these quests gives the player an edge in the further quests.

Once you’re successful in the mission, the MDI 344 Tank is added to your garage. The Tank is to be used against the Marshall enemies, you may even customize the tank.

Tank Spawn Locations

If I just wanna steal a tank, then? For, that you need a different approach to get the cops off your back without even despawning the tank. The first thing you need to do is to secure a base and conduct your first criminal operation.

Agitate the cops to the point that they deploy a tank following you, steal it, and take it home. You’ll want to start this mission as near to your base so that you could inflict as much damage as you can but try not to murder enemies on your way, especially the ones who are calling for backup.

Tips and Tricks

As you need them to come until you get to the fifth notoriety tier. Escalating maximum notoriety early in the game becomes simpler in cars than on foot because you might not have abundant ammunition/health. Look for the Adversary tank, when it ultimately appears, Evade its shelling, kill the cop inside, jump in and return to base to restore aggro.


Note that to have an access to JimRob’s garage or to have a base for yourself you need to be advanced in the game if you wish to keep the cop’s adversary tank. There is another way; just steal the tank, flee to your house to escape the cops, and park it in your garage to permanently secure it

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