How to Lose Notoriety in Saints Row

This guide will explain how the notoriety mechanic works in Saints Row Reboot and how you can lose it to save yourself from trouble.

Playing an open-world action-adventure game, where you can be a criminal, like a law-abiding citizen is no fun. You mess around, you kill some gangsters, and you break some laws, but all of this comes at a cost especially if you are playing Saints Row. That is why we are here to tell you all about how to lose Notoriety in Saints Row

How to Lose Notoriety in Saints Row

Notoriety is the mechanic in Saints Row Reboot that alerts the police or opposing gang member when you do something to mess with them or break the law. Since everyone has bad blood for the Saints, it’s now wise to let it stay for a long time because things can get nasty if you leave it be.

The more havoc you wreak, the higher the Notoriety gets and the harder it is to get rid of it. The Notoriety Bar fills up as you do questionable and criminal actions and once the bar is full, you gain a level of Notoriety.

Similarly, as you stop and try to get away from everything, the Notoriety Bar in SR Reboot gradually starts to decrease and once the bar is empty, you lose a level of Notoriety.

Now that we know what Notoriety is, it’s time to know how we can get rid of it in Saints Row 2022. There are several different ways to lose Notoriety depending on the situation you are in.

Run Away

If you haven’t gained much Notoriety let’s, say you are at level 1, then it is rather simple to lose Notoriety which you can do by simply leaving the location of the event, and hopefully, no one will follow you.


You can use a vehicle to get as far away, as quickly as possible to increase your chances of losing Notoriety soon. You shouldn’t mess around much if you are working on losing the Notoriety if you want to lose it quickly.

Eliminate All Enemies

If you have been having too much fun and while doing that you have gained lots of Notoriety, let’s say, level 3 or above, then you have no choice but to get down and dirty if you want to lose the Notoriety that you have gained.

If your Notoriety is high, then the enemies or the police will chase you and there is no advantage to running. What you must do now is to take down every enemy or police in the area.

While you are taking out everyone, you will have to keep an eye on enemies as they will call for reinforcement. If you don’t want more people to come in, you will have to immediately kill the person calling the reinforcement.

You will only have a few seconds window as they are quick to call their men to fight you. Once you have taken down everyone and no reinforcements are coming, your Notoriety will be lost.

Forgive and Forget Confessionals

Forgive and Forget are drive-by confessionals that will help you get rid of your Notoriety by paying a fee. You will have to drive throw the Confessional and it will charge $100 for every Notoriety level.

Visit The Image as Designed Store

Image as Designed are locations in Saint Row Reboot that will change your character’s appearance for a sweet cost of $3000 and you can also change the appearance that will also rid you of the Notoriety that you have gained.

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