Saints Row Fast Travel Points Locations Guide

To help you with figuring out the fast travel system in Saints Row Reboot, our guide will explain how to travel quickly between places.

The 2022 Saints Row Reboot did a crappy job in explaining the Fast Travel mechanics which has gotten many players confused and wondering how to Fast Travel. To help out with that, we have compiled this guide which will explain all about Fast Travel in Saints Row.

How to Unlock Fast Travel Points in Saints Row

In Saints Row, initially, you’ll have the access to only two fast travel points, your apartment, and church headquarters. These locations aren’t helpful so you’d definitely want to unlock new ones.

In order to unlock fast travel in Saints Row Reboot, you need to take a picture at one of the locations marked on the map as Photo Hunt.

There are a number of these around the map all you need is to travel near one and it’ll appear on the map with an icon of a yellow train. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other way to figure out the location but generally, they are around main roads or prominent in-game locations.

Now to unlock the Fast Travel Point, head to the train icon, there will be some landmark or noteworthy object nearby. You need to take a picture of the landmark using the camera of your phone.

Make sure that the landmark is completely visible and fits inside the frame before you take the photo. Otherwise, it won’t count and the fast travel point will not unlock for you. Click when you see the viewfinder turning green and if you took the photo correctly, the map icon will turn to purple from yellow.


When a Photo Collectible and a Fast Travel Photo are both present in the same location, it is easy to mistake one for the other. So, look out for the train icon, and the Fast Travel label to avoid confusion.

Below is a map with all the fast travel points available in Saints Row 2022

How to Fast Travel

Once you have unlocked a fast travel point, you can Fast Travel to it with utmost ease. All you need is to open up the map from your phone then place the cursor on the desired Fast Travel Point and hit the button X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) twice to initiate fast travel.

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