Saints Row Discoveries: El Dorado Hidden History Board Locations

The newly released Saints Row reboot offers nine different types of Discoveries. Although they are not mandatory to find/complete to finish the story, you are required to complete them for 100% game completion.

One such type of these Discoveries is Hidden History. You can find several of them all across the map in most of the Districts. Completing a particular Hidden History event requires you to find and interact with five different Boards scattered across the location, after which you’ll receive a few rewards.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at El Dorado’s Hidden History Boards.

El Dorado Hidden History Boards Locations

You should see the icon for El Dorado’s Hidden History in the image provided.

El Dorado Hidden History Boards Locations

This takes place in the ‘Go Kart Go!’ track. If you approach the location from the north, you should arrive first at the Checkpoint right adjacent to the ‘Go Kart Go!’ (‘s) main building.

The first Board is situated right next to this checkpoint, to its left. This is a Notice/Welcome board, the first of which you need to interact with.

The second Board should be right across the path next to the tree in front of the main structure.

The third Board should be to the right of the initial Checkpoint. From the Checkpoint, head right till you reach the parking lot next to the triangular garage structure. The board should be located at the western edge of the parking lot.

The fourth Board is situated at the other end of the main ‘Go Kart Go!’ structure right across the tracks. Next to the street, you should find a couple of benches. The Board is located next to the barriers separating the sitting area from the track.

The fifth and last board should be just up ahead. If you head north from the previous board, towards the triangular structure right next to the black and white checkered tracks, you should see the Board at the entrance of the third garage.

Once you have interacted with all five of the boards, you need to head back over to the Welcome sign i.e. the first Board you found, and interact with it again to complete the El Dorado’s Hidden History Event. Upon completion of the event, you should receive $500 Cash and 300 XP as a reward.