Saints Row Discoveries: Dumpster Diving Locations

This guide will give you the locations of all Dumpster Diving Locations in Saints Row 2022 for 100% completion of the game.

Dumpster Diving is one of the many Discovery activities in Saints Row. Although not the best activity to take part in, you’ll still get to collect a variety of items from it. This guide will give you the locations of all Dumpster Diving Locations in Saints Row 2022.

All Saints Row Dumpster Diving Locations

To find the exact location of the Dumpsters in Saints Row Reboot, you must open your mobile and head over to the map. Once on the map, you’ll come across the Discoveries section by scrolling across the headings to find the Dumpster Diving activity marked with a Golden Dumpster Icon.

All Saints Row Dumpster Diving Locations

Furthermore, you’ll have to select the activity and mark it on your GPS so you can easily head over to the locations we’ve mentioned below.

Dumpster Diving#1: East Providencia

Head past the “It’s Craft” billboard next to a club with a red vehicle parked near it to find the first Dumpster.

Dumpster Diving#2: East Providencia

In the same District where you found the first Dumpster, head past the “It’s Craft” billboard and find the Dumpster behind the containers to the right next to a door that says “Please Use Other Door”.

Dumpster Diving#3: Mercado

Head over to the Black Velvet Bar to find the Dumpster below the bridge to the right, behind the El-Macho building.

Dumpster Diving#4: Smelterville West

Find this Dumpster at the back of the Olde Steel Beer Craft factory.

Dumpster Diving#5: Marina West

There’s a building with a sea-green colored bottom half that has an arrow pointing to the right spray painted on it. You’ll find the Dumpster opposite to that building, next to a Portable toilet.

Dumpster Diving#6: Marina West

Visit the Whole Market to find the Dumpster downstairs from the parking area and next to a building with an Eagle spray painted on it.

Dumpster Diving#7: El Dorado

This is the easiest Dumpster to find as it’s found next to the Busted Flush building. Simply take the main road towards the alley of the building to find it in a parking area.

Dumpster Diving#8: Old Town West

This Dumpster Diving is fairly easy to find. Simply head up to the Parking Laut to find the Dumpster near a car parked in the area.

Dumpster Diving#9: Lake Sabastian

Head right of the area to find the Dumpster Diving near the lakeside and inside the shed next to a pile of wooden platforms.

Dumpster Diving#10: Lake Sabastian

This Dumpster Diving can be found near the track side. Simply look behind the green containers to come across the Dumpster.

Dumpster Diving#11: Rojas Desert North

Visit the TP Station to find the Dumpster Diving next to the wall that says “Welcome to Santo Ileso”.

Dumpster Diving#12: Old Town East

This Dumpster Diving is located at the back of the Shecksy Shingles Roofing Company.

Dumpster Diving#13: Smelterville East

This Dumpster Diving is located at the back of the Boomers Showroom.

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