Saints Row: Difficulty Settings & Levels Explained

Read this before you choose the Boss difficulty in Saints Row 2022.

Saints Row 2022 has several difficulty settings for players to slide through. The reboot also takes one step further to give players the freedom to create their own difficulty settings.

You now have the option to tweak the difficulty scaling of many different gameplay mechanics. Hence, while you can boost the damage of enemies to the max, you can also boost your own damage to meet them on equal terms. Either that or reduce your damage to make it even more challenging.

The following guide will explain the difference between all difficulty settings in Saints Row.


You shouldn’t worry much about selecting the difficulty settings the first time, as the game allows you to change these settings anytime you want.

Saints Row Difficulty Presets: Which One to Choose?

There are five preset difficulty settings in the Saints Row reboot. If you are pressed for time, you can choose any difficulty setting, knowing that you can always change them later on. Furthermore, every difficulty setting has individual challenge settings that you can tweak as well—more on that later.

Tourist: This mode is the easiest one of them, where there will be no tough challenges, and the overall difficulty level is nearly zero. So if you are looking for a relaxed experience, you can choose this preset.

Hustler: This one raises the difficulty bar in the slightest manner possible. You will still manage to perform well even if you are still a beginner in the game. So yes, still a walk in the park if you like that.

Entrepreneur: This is the default difficulty setting of the game. The enemies will no longer be brain-dead, and you must put in more effort in your missions. That being said, a little bit of basic survival sense will still let you breeze through. Entrepreneur difficulty is a balanced option, and you should choose this if you are looking to enjoy the challenge along with the story.

Sensei: This one is tougher than the Entrepreneur one, and it will take better skills to pass this one. If you enjoy challenges in games, this preset can be a good option for you.

Boss: If you have time at your disposal and want to face the toughest enemies Saints Row has to throw at you, this difficulty preset is for you. Usually, we recommend the last difficulty option in games after one playthrough; however, if you are feeling ambitious right from the start, no one is stopping you.

Saints Row Difficulty Sliders, What do They do?

Apart from basic difficulty presets, there are 7 sliders that give players more freedom to set the difficulty of Saints Row. You can always ignore them and play the game on default difficulty settings. However, you will always be free to play around with the Challenge types to create your own individual difficulty settings.

Do note that the higher the difficulty level, the more rewards and XP you will earn. The following are the seven difficulty sliders (Challenge types) and what they do in the Saints Row reboot.

Danger Level: This increases the amount of damage you take from every source in the game.

Enemy Durability: This reduces the amount of damage you do to enemies.

Tough Enemy Frequency: This increases the chance of encountering “Tough” enemies that are resistant to finishers.

Vehicle Combat Difficulty: This reduces the health of your vehicles—enemy vehicles are not affected.

Notoriety Difficulty: This increases the number of enemies spawned during notoriety. Interrupting their call-ins also becomes difficult.

Ammo Scarcity: This reduces the amount of ammunition you can get from pickup points.

Timed Objective Difficulty: This reduces the time in which you need to complete time-based objectives. Changing this setting during a mission will require you to restart from the previous checkpoint.

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