How To Do Car To Wingsuit Challenge In Saints Row

The Car to Wingsuit challenge in Saints Row has you jump from a moving car and deploy your wingsuit. Here's how to do it.

Saints Row features several challenges that you can complete to unlock cool rewards. The ‘Car to Wingsuit’ challenge is one of them. This challenge requires you to fly using a wingsuit while riding a car.

You should know that the wingsuit is already built within the character as soon as the game begins. This article will tell you how to perform this challenge and jump car-to-wingsuit in the Saints Row Reboot.

How The Car to Wingsuit Challenge works in Saints Row

To pull off the Car to Wingsuit maneuver in Saints Row, first, get a fast car and drive down a long road. You’ll need to pick up significant speed so it’s important that you drive down a fairly empty road. To pick up speed faster, you can alternatively drive downhill.

Next, you’ll need to exit your vehicle to the roof. To do so, press and hold Triangle/Y (E on PC). As soon as you exit your vehicle it’ll start losing speed, so it is pivotal to transition to the Wingsuit as quickly as possible. Once you’re on the roof, press X/A (F on PC) to open your Wingsuit.

This will cause you to fly right above the car. From here on, just glide your way through and the mission will be deemed as a success. Even if you die right after gliding, the game will consider the mission as successful.

Once you perform the Car to Wingsuit maneuver, you’ll unlock the signature ability of the vehicle that you used to do it. Each vehicle has a different signature move, some of these abilities include ejector seats, jumps, and air boosts.

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