Saints Row Best Weapons

This guide will help you pick the best weapons to use in Saints Row Reboot for you so that you can give tough times to your enemies.

Saints Row has a lot of unique weapons with each weapon bringing a different kind of excitement to the table. This guide will help you pick the best weapons to use in Saints Row Reboot for you so that you can give tough times to your enemies and enjoy them to the fullest.

Saints Row Best Weapons

Below is a list of all the weapons with their category as well which will help you understand the weapon’s abilities as well.

Best Rifle- K-8 Krukov

The K-8 Krukov is an assault rifle. It is the best weapon we recommend in the AR Category. This weapon is highly suited for both ranged and short-range attacks due to its mobility. It can cause a tremendous amount of damage, especially at close range.

In the case of enemies who have good armor, K-8 Krukov can land a heavy blow on such enemies as well. One thing you need to keep in mind when using this weapon is that its signature ability will result in a decrease in the cool-down time.

Best SMG-TEK Z-10

TEK Z-10 is an SMG in Saints Row. SMGS might be a bit inaccurate in terms of aim and stability but TEK Z-10 is not like that. It is the best SMG we recommend for you as it is highly accurate and stable. This weapon can catch your enemies off guard due to its high fire rate and good accuracy.

Best Shotgun- Sawed-Off Shotgun

Players who prefer shotguns like to play offensively most of the time. There are many shotguns in Saints Row which you can choose but the best shotgun we recommend for you is the Sawed-off shotgun.  You can get this weapon from the shop and it will cost you around 400 bucks.  You can also unlock it by killing 30 idols.

The Sawed-off shotgun is highly lethal mainly due to its damage ability. Apart from damage, this weapon is quite good in terms of range as well.  The only disadvantage of using this weapon might be its instability and recoil. But if your aim is good, you won’t have any problem using this weapon.

Best Big Weapon- Rocket Launcher

The best big weapon is easily the Rocket Launcher. As the name suggests, this weapon can launch rockets that can decimate any opponent. You’ll get four launchers with it, so the ammo capacity isn’t unlimited.

If you want to use this weapon for some extra long range, you can upgrade it as well. Upgrades will help you use this weapon against vehicles as well.

Best Sniper Rifle-TOGO-13

The best Sniper Rifle we recommend for use in Saints Row is the TOGO-13. To use the Sniper rifle, you must unlock it first. For that, complete the Drawing heat mission.

TOGO-13 is highly accurate, so if you plan to use any sniper rifle for a fight, this weapon should be your first pick as it will help cause some serious damage from range.

Best Pistol- Idol Life Pistol

If you’re looking for some finesse and stealth, Idol Life is the weapon for you. This pistol’s fast reloaded and steady aim will help you a lot during fights that require precision.

In case you’re out of ammo on your AR and you’re in the middle of a close-ranged fight, Idol Life Pistol will work like a charm and bail you out in such situations. The only downside of using this weapon might its recoil.

Best Melee Weapon-Axe

The best melee weapon we recommend for you is the Axe. It might sound a bit cocky but if you want to end your enemies quickly and cause heavy damage, Axe is the weapon for you. Its damage ability and bleed properties can prove to be very useful for you.

On top of that, if you unlock its special signature ability, you’ll be able to heal as well. It means that you’ll heal your health as well after causing damage.

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