How to Barrel Roll in Saints Row

In this guide, we will tell you how to perform a barrel roll while driving a car in Saints Row 2022 and earn the trophy.

Saints Row games have always given players the option to perform various tricks with their vehicles for some unique Saints style mayhem. The new Saints Row Reboot is no different this time you even get to unlock special signature abilities for vehicles. In this guide, we will tell you how to perform a barrel roll while driving a car in Saints Row 2022.

How to Perform a Barrel Roll in Saints Row

A barrel roll is when you drive your car from a certain height and make the car turn within the air. This requires a good vehicle and a good location for some height.

You can go to any garage in Saints Row Reboot and get the car tuned up. Now all you need is a place with a ramp or enough height to give your car some airtime. Thankfully, Santo Illeso, especially the desert areas, are filled with such spots.

Now, the technique to perform a barrel roll is simple. Just drive the car off a cliff with enough speed. When the car is in the air, simply pull the handbrake by pressing the ‘L2’ button.  Right after it, move your left joystick in either a right direction or a left direction while pressing the X button (for PS) or A button (for Xbox) simultaneously. This will cause your car to make a roll while being in the air.

You will be notified if the barrel roll was a success as soon as you land the car. The game requires you to perform the barrel roll at least 3 three times if you want to unlock its signature ability.

The signature ability may include a quick nitro refill or something else related to the car. Thus, performing the barrel roll will be beneficial to you as the game will definitely reward you. On top of that, you will also earn The Spins trophy for performing a barrel roll.


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