Volition Enables Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop Support Alongside Sale

Volition has added Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop support to the game allowing custom weapon and clothing as well as scripts

More than 3 years after release, developer Volition still continues to support their game and this time their latest update is in the form of Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop.

Given the Saints Row franchise is an open world crazy sandbox experience, developers felt that giving players the freedom to play however they want would be a great gift and for that they have enabled Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop to the Windows version of the game and are working towards a Linux version as well.

The Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop will allow players to create, share and install mods to change some of the craziest weapons and clothes into even more crazy creations.

Similarly, following the trend of other Steam Workshop games, the added support will also allow the option to run custom scripts and tweak various gameplay values for an even bigger over the top Saints Row experience.

The news post from Volition’s IDOLNINJA mentions

There were many challenges in implementing Steam Workshop support since the game was not originally designed to support modding. A handful of dedicated Volition devs worked on this in their free time to update the engine and remove memory restrictions, as well as finding a way for individual mods to interact and work correctly with each other without the need for running special tools. It was all a labor of love for our fans, and we’re incredibly excited to see the crazy content you come up with!

To celebrate the launch of Saints Row 4 Steam Workshop, the game is also available at a 75% discount on Steam Store right now.

In the past, official developer support to mod Saints Row games have been pretty much limited to various character skins, designed completely using the in-game options available in the Character Creator so it prevented players from making something truly amazing, which hopefully they will be able to do with this workshop support.

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