Sagat And G Arrive In Street Fighter 5 at EVO 2018

The new additions to Street Fighter 5 have joined, Sagat And G have are the chatacters that have been introduced. Check out the trailers.

Fans have been expecting to hear from Capcom about the new additions to Street Fighter 5 and luckily at EVO 2018 the company announced the arrival of Sagat And G in Street Fighter 5, which have now joined the game.

Sagat And G were to arrive on 5th of August which they have and there seems to be quite an excitement among fans. For the fans of the game, Sagat needs little introduction, as he is one of the most popular characters in the whole Street Fighter franchise.

He as the fans may know became popular since his fateful showdown with Ryu that took place, in the original Street Fighter game.

Now moving on to G, he is a new addition in the Street Fighter Universe and that is why fans are very much satisfied. He is the self-proclaimed “president of the world” and want’s to unite, the citizens of Earth but under his banner. Very little is known about his background, so that is a mystery in itself.

Shedding some light on the powers of Sagat And G, we came to know that G draws its power from Earth, in order to improve his “Presidentiality” and with an increase in his powers, special moves become stronger and also new combos are unlocked.

While for Sagat, most of his techniques such as Tiger Shot, Tiger Knee, and even Angry Charge are still retained. It seems to be that his first V-Trigger, Tiger Charge allow him to utilize powered up versions of his regular specials. However his second Vl-Tigger, Tiger Assault seemingly powers up his kicks.

A lot more details are available for Sagat And G, and with more and more fans checking them out, more info will definitely surface.

To be honest, the additions of these two characters seem to let the fans know that Capcom doesn’t forget its legendary titles. Street Fighter is legendary to such a level that U.S Army is hosting Tournaments for Street Fighter 5, across eight military bases. The tournament will be live on US Army’s new Entertainment Twitch channel.

So when we talk about legendary, Street Fighter is not to be missed out. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.