Rustler Console Commands Guide

Rustler is a new open-world top-down action game, that is set in the medieval era. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to use Rustler Console Commands for cheats.

Rustler Console Commands

The game gives you the ability to insert Cheat Codes in Rustler. You can use God Mode to make your character invincible or get an unlimited amount of money.

All of this can be done using the Console Commands that will be discussed in our Rustler Console Commands Guide.

How to Enable Rustler Cheat Codes

The cheat codes in Rustler give the players the freedom they want in any Open-World game. But before you can use any of these cheat codes, you need to enable the cheats by doing the following:

  • Press the “~” button on your keyboard to open the Commands Console.
  • Type in EnableCheats Bastard and press Enter to apply the command.

You will now have access to 15 Rustler Game cheats that you can use. These are:

Note: Type the commands in the same way they are written here. Most of the commands are Case Sensitive.


Makes your character invincible, meaning that you cannot take any damage. However, you can still be arrested or die by drowning.

Type the command again to turn God Mode off.

SetMoney amount

You can get any amount of money by using this cheat code. Specify any amount you want by typing the value after the command.


Gives you all of the weapons available in the game at once.


Gives you an automatic Crossbow with 10,000 bows. You don’t even have to reload the crossbow.

SetHealth HP Armor

Gives you a specified amount of HP and Armor.

AddWeapon weaponname

Gives you any weapon you want. For Crossbows, you need to specify the ammo amount by adding a value next to weaponname.

RemoveWeapon weaponname

Removes any weapon you want to get rid of from your inventory.


Your character will commit suicide upon using the SUICIDE command.

Spawn Horse

Spawns a random horse for you.

TeleportTo Location

Teleports you to any location on the map.

SetStars 0-5

Sets the chase level from any level between 0 to 5 on your command.


Gives you a shield to protect from enemies attack.

SlowMotion anynumber

Enter a number to slow or speed up the time. Enter 0.5 or 2 to make the game run two times slower or faster.

AddSkillPoints amount

Gives you the desired amount of skill points to unlock skills.

SetPlayerHorseType typename

Sets the type of your horse to the specified one. Write the command and the horse types will be listed from which you can choose.

Make sure you are mounted on your horse for the command to work.

These are all 15 of the Rustler Cheats that you can use. Have fun causing havoc in the villages!