Esports Officially Recognized as a Sport By Russia

There has been a many debates regarding to recognize esports as a sport or not, and many counties and even sports channels don’t recognize esports as sports.

However, things are looking bright for esports participants and fans in Russia, as Russian Ministry of sports has officially recognized it as a proper sport. The documents were published on the official Russian website of legal acts.

According to Ministry of sports in Russia, the register of the officially recognized sports will now include Computer sports. The order will be implemented after 10 days of the publication of the order. Once this order will be implemented in Russia, all the esports events will be held under the supervision of Ministry of sports in Russia.

Now the competitive player will receive certain titles depending on their skills. These titles include “Master of Sports of Russia”, “International Master of Sports” and “Honored Master of Sports of Russia”.

In related news, Former Blizzard chief creative officer Rob Pardo believes that esports can be included in Olympics. Speaking in an interview Pardo said that lightning reflexes, quick decision making, and a competitive set of skills will make professional gamers a part of Olympics.

He emphasized that e-sports will have to do a lot of work to be included in the Olympics, unlike other conventional sports.


After the success of League Of Legends, many have been debating that how e-sports will never be a part of Olympics, no matter how big and popular its professional scene becomes.

EA is also trying to build its competitive gaming community and trying to implement some changes, including the one where you will have to pay to watch competitive matches. EA has been planning this since its e-sports division was formed last year.

Do you think esports should be recognized as sports by other countries too? Let us know in the comments.

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